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Yui, I come back to Simoun world!

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Yui, I come back to Simoun world! Empty Yui, I come back to Simoun world!

Post by yuiyuasa on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:17 pm

My name is Yui-Yuasa. In 2006, I create Simoun Fan webpeges Yui's Simoun fan page (mecha section).

And more conribution to the wikipedia Simoun (fictional aircraft) more correction spelling
" Argentine " to " Argentum " (アルゲントゥム礁国 Arugentumu Shoukoku) in Wikipedia Simoun (anime)Simoun (anime)

Six yearsl ater, I update playstation-2 "Simoun: Rose War ~Ri Mājon of Sealing~" (シムーン 異薔薇戦争〜封印のリ·マージョン〜 Shimūn Ibara Sensō 〜Fūin no Ri Mājon〜) ,5. Umbra Simoun article.

And more I update Genaral News-article in the "ROBOTECH-Chronicles" History Archive "The truth of Simoun-Sibyllae" (Japanese language)

Please enjoy!

Aer (Aael), her grand-father who was regina in Chor-Dextra!

Yui, I come back to Simoun world! 34870ba12bf225c1

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