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Post by Sibylla Aaeru on Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:07 am

This all started when I told Emma I'd make her a ringtone of Oozora no Auriga for her phone. I figured I'd do a small batch while I was at it and made some others. All ringtones are made with Motorola Phone Tools v5, which is an old program but I love it and it works well. All ringtones are then converted and compressed with jetAudio, which puts them in .WAV format and under the 300 kb limit. I can try to make other requests, but I can't guarantee anything. Sometimes the song just doesn't sound good compressed.

OP - Intro
OP - Verse 1
OP - Chorus (appears softer because of the compression rate)
ED - Intro
ED - Verse 1
Oozora no Auriga - Intro
Oozora no Auriga - Waltz
Rodoreamon's Lullaby - Chorus (appears softer because of the compression rate)

Download and then transfer to your phone using whatever method. If your phone doesn't have a 300kb limit, let me know and I'll be happy to upload the original files for you. It just seems that most phones these days have that limit.

Simoun Ringtones 2e82dqf

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Sibylla Aaeru
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