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Simoun: The Documentary idea!

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Simoun: The Documentary idea! Empty Simoun: The Documentary idea!

Post by LonelyDelight on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:56 am

So in the chat Raansu, Judamacaby, and I came up with the idea for a fake documentary retelling of Simoun (fic or fanart or fanvids or some combination of the three) where some reporter interviews the ex-sibyllae and people who knew them thirty or forty years later (Rodoreamon as an elder statesman, Yun as a long-serving and reclusive spiritual leader, Wapourif as an affluent doctor, Floef as a struggling farmer, Messis Cook A, Bystander 3, et cetera). What do the rest of you guys think of this idea?

Simoun: The Documentary idea! Simounfuture
This is a map of my head-canon for the future that I'm using in my Rodore fics (and that we'd like to use as the staging ground for the mockumentary). Green is Simulacrum, red is Argentum, blue is Plumbum, yellowish is Another Antagonist Country Later On. From top to bottom we have before the war, after the war, after the second war (note how Argentum balkanises), and thirty or forty years later. Thoughts?

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