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Dreams into Reality

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Dreams into Reality Empty Dreams into Reality

Post by Sibylla Aaeru on Thu Dec 02, 2010 7:20 pm

(Do note that this fic is rated NC17, as the fic notes below indicate)

Title: Dreams into Reality
Author: DigiExpert
Rating: NC17
Summary: It all starts with a dream, but when she wakes, she finds she can't fall back asleep. Certainly not until she satisfies what her body craves and desires.
Notes: I beat my Simoun PS2 game on Sunday and successfully paired Aaeru and Neviril. After looking at the rewarding image on and off, I decided that I had to write something based on it. I had no idea it would turn into what it did.

She had tired early that evening and the prospect of a soft bed only lured her to want to sleep sooner. As soon as she had finished reading a chapter in the history text she’d picked up a few days ago, she prepared for bed. Aaeru wasn’t far behind her; she fell asleep holding on to Neviril as per usual. Silence settled upon the room, save for the soft, even breathing of the two maidens. It was some time before Neviril began to dream. Her mind weaved together a tale of truth and fiction, plunging her headfirst into the action, subconscious in control.

Neviril shrugged off her flight jacket, wanting to be rid of the invisible grime of the battle Chor Tempest had been caught up in. The chor had flown flawlessly, and it hadn’t been too long before the Argentum soldiers had been destroyed over the ocean. They always outnumbered the Sibyllae, but the strength of their individual craft was no match for the divine Simoun. There was always that moment just as battle started that she wondered if perhaps this time there were too many soldiers, but it had quickly disappeared as Aaeru had brought her back to reality with her eagerness, adrenaline fueling her pair. According to Aaeru, there would never be too many soldiers.

As seemed to be routine, the members of Chor Tempest had split up upon returning to the flight deck of the Messis. Some had talked of food and others had talked of resting in the dormitory. Still others hadn’t spoken, instead keeping their plans to themselves. Herself, she wanted to shower so that she could feel clean once again. She turned the handle and entered the dormitory, finding it empty on first glance. Her boots clacked softly against the hard floor as she made her way to the far side of the room. She carefully tucked her flight gear away and replaced it with the casual pilot shirt for her walk to the shower. As she changed, she heard someone else enter the room. When she heard the rustling of the bed next to her, she realized it was Aaeru. She paid no heed to the girl. Aaeru would easily seek her out if she needed her; the younger girl’s first day on the Arcus Prima had been proof of that.

Snapping the final piece of the shirt, she took to a deep breath. That was when she heard the music drifting softly throughout the room. She knew Aaeru carried such a device with her, but had never been so close to the sound before. It was calming, peaceful, and she felt at ease. For some reason, the tune even sounded a bit familiar, though she could have sworn she’d never heard it before in her life. She smiled and peeked around the corner of the drawn curtain to say so. Neviril was surprised when she caught the hint of a frown on Aaeru’s face. She’d never seen her express any other emotion but determination or happiness, save for the peace conference. Of course, she wasn’t sure that anyone would be happy in that situation.

“Aaeru? What’s wrong?” she asked softly, taking a seat beside the girl.

Aaeru flushed some. “Nothing,” she replied, closing the music box. “I was just thinking of some things, that’s all.”

Neviril nodded. She wouldn’t press. She wondered if perhaps Aaeru felt the same as her after a battle, but simply expressed it differently. “I’m going to take a shower. Would you like to join me?” She usually showered alone, but she didn’t mind Aaeru joining her in the other stall.

A smile flashed on the girl’s face. “Sure.” The girl changed out of her pilot jacket and into her casual shirt before rising from the bed.

Together the two made their way down the hallway to the shower room. No one else was in the hallway, and no one was to be found in the shower room either. Neviril was secretly pleased. It would be just her luck if someone had beat her to it, or one shower was occupied. She certainly wouldn’t share a shower stall with Aaeru. The thought made her blush, but it also made her smile. She quickly banished the thought. It wasn’t right to think of such things.

She took the stall to the left while Aaeru entered the one on the right. She busied herself with unfastening her shirt and then removing the rest of her garments. She placed everything outside of the shower and double checked to make sure a towel was hanging on the nearby wall. As she slipped back inside, she heard Aaeru place her clothing outside of the shower. She wondered what the girl looked like beneath her clothing…

Her fingers fumbled to turn the shower on. Water rushed out and all too quickly she realized that it was freezing cold water. She yelped and backed as far away from the stream as she could while she waited for the water to heat up. It was one of the many differences between the Messis and the Arcus Prima.

“What’s wrong?” Aaeru’s voice drifted over from the other stall.

“I forgot how cold the water was at first.”

“Yeah. This old boat takes forever to heat it up,” replied Aaeru. “You’ve gotta give it some time first.”

Steam soon began to bellow out and she slipped beneath the stream, letting the hot water wash over her shivering body. She could feel the goose bumps on her skin. Neviril pictured the grime and dirt that couldn’t be seen simply running off her body. She was slowly beginning to feel more like a priestess. She reached for the bar of soap and began to cleanse herself, if only to be certain that she was completely clean.

“They didn’t stand a chance today, did they?” spoke Aaeru suddenly.

“It’s not proper to speak of the dead that way.”

“You sound like Yun now. They would have killed us, you know, if we hadn’t killed them. Did you want to die?”

“Of course not.” She didn’t. Not anymore. “Even if you think you aren’t a priestess, you should never speak of an enemy in such a fashion.”

“I guess so.” Aaeru didn’t sound too sincere with the remark, but that was simply how she was. She was silent for a moment before she posed another question. “What do you think you’ll do after this is all over? The war I mean.”

Settle down and find someone I love. I’d like you to be in my life….where did that come from? I’m going to… I’m…

“Neviril?” Aaeru probed in the silence. “You okay?”

Neviril felt warm all over, and she knew it wasn’t just because of the hot water. She suddenly felt tingly. “F-fine,” she stuttered. She tried to recover some of her dignity. “I suppose I’ll…follow in my father’s footsteps.”

“Politics? Isn’t it hard for women to do that?”

“Well, yes… but I want to try anyway.” What she wanted to do was stop talking about politics. It certainly didn’t match the images she was seeing in her mind at that moment, and those images certainly weren’t becoming of the Sibylla Aurea. Her mind was trying to show her what Aaeru might possibly look like in the next stall over, and in her mind, the girl was only grinning at her, enticing her…

For once, she didn’t push away what she felt or saw. Priestess or not, she wanted this. Before she changed her mind or stopped herself, she slipped from behind the curtain of her stall and into Aaeru’s. She caught the look of surprise on the younger girl’s face as she turned around before Neviril pushed her against the wall and pressed her lips against Aaeru’s. She felt Aaeru try to speak in protest against her lips, but she held the girl tightly, one hand resting against the side of her cheek, tips of her fingers slipping into Aaeru’s hair.

Aaeru’s body was warm against her own and she vaguely acknowledged the stream of water that partially cascaded against her backside. Her mind was focused on the sensation of skin to skin, breast to breast, belly to belly sensations that were flooding her senses. She deepened the kiss, finding herself wanting more than just this. She forgot where they were, forgot how easy it would be for someone to walk in and discover the two in such a position. Her fingers of her free hand ran up and down Aaeru’s side, moving ever closer to the one particular spot. Already she could feel the courser hairs brush against her fingertips. She wanted it, and it scared her to realize how much she desired the girl in that moment--

Neviril woke at that point, and blushed as she recalled the end of the dream. She knew what she’d been about to do, and felt herself shiver at the thought. Aaeru snuggled against her and she rolled over, resting her chin atop Aaeru’s head. She closed her eyes, trying to fall back asleep; it was much too early to be awake. The room was still dark with no hint of sunrise anytime soon. The dream continued to play in her head, and she found it hard to keep her hands still. She found it hard to try to sleep. Her body was still aroused from the dream, and it wanted to continue, even if she wanted to sleep.

She sighed and pressed her lips to the top of Aaeru’s head, trying to sort through her thoughts. That kiss, however, was hard to simply quit. Her lips moved lower and kissed Aaeru’s forehead, as her hand slid over Aaeru’s side in a teasing manner. She felt the girl start to stir, and only continued. Her fingers slipped beneath the t-shirt Aaeru wore as her lips tentatively kissed hers. Beneath the fabric, Neviril’s fingers ran over Aaeru’s stomach, and she felt the girl’s body react to as the sensitive spot was touched.

“Neviril…what… what are you…” Aaeru was groggy and confused as she awoke to Neviril’s ministrations. A pleased groan crossed her lips and she looked confused. Her only answer was Neviril’s lips pressing against her own. Aaeru protested in confusion, but it wasn’t long before her words died away and she kissed Neviril back, just as Neviril’s fingers reached the tip of her breast.

Her fingers caressed and rolled the nub in between her fingers and it only aroused her more to feel Aaeru jump every so often. She pushed the girl’s t-shirt up over her stomach and beyond her breasts. Her eyes glanced up at her love and saw that she was smiling, her eyes closed. Neviril returned to teasing Aaeru’s skin, and kissed her way down the girl’s stomach. Aaeru jumped involuntarily when Neviril kissed a particular spot on her stomach just so.

Through the course hair her fingers slid. Instead of slipping her fingers inside, she moved them around the inside of Aaeru’s thighs, drawing and tracing round patterns in her skin. Aaeru tried to wiggle her way around Neviril’s ministrations and avoid the teasing, but Neviril was diligent in her task. She knew that soon she would give Aaeru what she wanted, but for now, she’d do as she pleased to her lover.

Aaeru gasped lightly as Neviril’s fingers slipped into the warm wetness. She was fully awake and aware by now. She moaned softly as Neviril caressed the sensitive tip, seemingly knowing just how to make her feel just so. Her body would raise up, seeking the pleasing touch again and again. From there, Neviril’s fingers slipped inside of her, slowly moving in and out. She slid up and once more kissed Aaeru. As she sped up her fingers, she kissed her more intensely. She was well aware of Aaeru’s hands clenching against the side of her face and she knew it wouldn’t be long.

When she could no longer take it, Aaeru pulled away from the kiss, panting heavily. Away too, went her hands, and she gripped at the sheets, clenching and unclenching them. Neviril felt the tightening around her fingers, but continued to move quickly. She held on to the girl as Aaeru reached out for her, grounding herself. Neviril rode out her orgasm with her and smiled when she heard Aaeru sigh softly. She pulled the girl closer and smiled, satisfied.

“Why’d you do that?” whispered Aaeru.

Neviril found it hard to explain herself. Her real reason seemed too embarrassing to state. She wanted to lie, if only so she didn’t feel shameful. “I…I…had a dream… and I… couldn’t sleep.” She looked away, unable to look Aaeru in the face.

Aaeru reached out and turned her chin back to her. “I liked it,” she whispered.

Neviril felt herself go red, but didn’t look away this time. “I’m glad.”

The pair settled in once more, and Aaeru snuggled against Neviril’s chest. Aaeru fell asleep first, and Neviril listened to the rise and fall of her breath smiling. The dream still came to mind, but she found that she could enjoy it without having to act on it. Unlike her dream, she didn’t have to wish that Aaeru would be in her life. She had the real thing in her arms and no dream would ever replace that.

Dreams into Reality 2e82dqf

And it's in your dreams that you might find the sky is limitless, an open range...
Sibylla Aaeru
Sibylla Aaeru
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Sibylla Aurea of Simoun Fanfic

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