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Dominura Theory

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Dominura Theory Empty Dominura Theory

Post by Sibylla Aaeru on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:58 pm

I've posted this on my own LiveJournal, as well as in the character discussion thread for her on the LJ community. This is the theory I came up with after stumbling on some information and checking the show itself. Now, the only thing that gives this theory a few holes is the lack of world info we are given. Other than that, this is what I have:


Dominura mentions that she was an immigrant in a later episode, after she and Limone have completed the Emerald Ri Majon. It's where they sing the song that's on Aaeru's music box, Door to a new World. From what I know, no one's ever gone into her speech on that. It had slipped my mind. Well today I was doing some research on the Flight CDs. I ended up looking at the AnimeSuki forums (I really do need to read through the near 150 pages on Simoun at some point), and came across a post that linked to a guy's blog post about Simoun. I've read this particular article before, but again, I hadn't read as much into it as I should have. I've been trying lately though to soak up all I can. And that's where I came across the Dominura stuff. Dominura is an immigrant, and one would assume from one of the other countries. However, the director actually says that she's from another planet, but that it was one of the aspects of the world Simoun is set in that they didn't go into. It comes from a director commentary, and I think this is on the DVD I have. I'll have to look and see. I've watched most of the extras, but never very closely.

I got to thinking about it. It explains why Dominura is so physically different. She didn't have to choose a gender because she didn't need to, unless the planet she came from used similar technology. It seems highly unlikely that that would be the case. Dominura also looks a lot older than she should be because if she isn't required to choose a gender, her body develops as a normal female's would. She doesn't have to do that extra bit of growing the rest of the Sibyllae do, even if they remain as female. My only problem is why was Dominura's skin flaking? Is it her skin reacting to being in such an environment for so long? That's not an uncommon element to use in fantasy. After all, one of my favorite series has an element in the pollen (I believe) that killed off the sperm of all the male colonists, creating a world of only females over time. (And yes, they had a way to create children that was science when first created, but became a holy occupation down the line). Another question though: are the flakes even hers? If I could figure out an answer for that, I'd be set. If Dominura in fact does not need to choose a gender, then she couldn't be Onashia, as Onashia only has her place in the Spring because she didn't choose a gender.

It does show that more than just those who haven't chosen a gender yet can pilot a Simoun. I do remember reading somewhere that someone talked about it being too holy for anyone to attempt to fly it after choosing a gender. It's something so sacred that one dares not anger Tempus Spatium. Someone else had said the Simoun reacts to feelings of innocence and a time of less worry. Of course, if we're going to bring a scientific aspect into it, anyone would theoretically be able to pilot the Simoun. It's just that religious doctrine prevents anyone but Sibyllae from doing so.

Is Dominura yet another person who had to work hard to prove herself, that she, an immigrant from another world, could excel as a Sibylla under Tempus Spatium? If so, how did she get her chance? Did it happen similar to Mamiina's? Or some other way? This led to her "career" as a Sibylla in which she must have excelled and done so well that she was chosen for a current incarnation of Chor Dextra, and later came to be relied on by Anubituf, Guragief, and Wauf.

This is what I've got so far, and I may add on to it later. I've linked to the article below, and I will check on the commentary bit when I can as well.

Simoun - Why You Should Watch One of the Best Anime Ever and Why I'm Glad I Watched It Again (Scroll down to the bold heading "World")

Dominura Theory 2e82dqf

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