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Lightning Round Drabbles

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Lightning Round Drabbles Empty Lightning Round Drabbles

Post by Sibylla Aaeru on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:27 pm

Well I finally sat down and did some more drabbles for yuri_challenge. This time there's one Aaeru/Neviril and one Rodoreamon/Mamiina.

Title: Revelation
Author/Artist: chibirachy aka DigiExpert
Fandom: Simoun
Pairing: Aaeru/Neviril
Rating: G
Warnings: None necessary
Request/Prompt: Prompt sentence: Revelation
Word Count: 300
Summary: It was one of those sudden things...
Notes: This author hates 300 XD

She watched her go, not chasing after her. It would do no good. Aaeru had… been nearly right about her original reasons for going to the other world. However, as Neviril watched Aaeru go, she realized something. It was something that had perhaps been sitting in the back of her mind for awhile, but had only begun to creep forth after she and Aaeru had comforted each other by the maaju pool.

By letting herself hide from the world, she had been hiding from herself too. By keeping her true emotions to herself, she had let them build and gather, secondary to what she needed to do. Even at night, she was afraid to bring them forth. The only time they would creep out was when something provoked her. Aaeru had provoked her many times, and yet, the girl had never meant to do it, not in that sense.

She took a seat on the nearest pew. It was hard to take in. Aaeru had been gone for awhile now, and yet, she wanted to chase after her. She wanted to tell her these feelings that had crept forth, and were directed toward her. Only this time, they weren’t in anger, fear, or sadness. It wasn’t something she had expected to feel again, not after Amuria. She would always love Amuria, but that didn’t change the way her heart was beating now. Neviril placed her hand over the spot. Was this really… could it be?

She felt the warmth creep across her face as she thought of the short blonde with the confident smile, her thirst for life. She wanted… to be with her. She had to tell her, before there wasn’t a choice left. She rose, heading for the door. One thought rang clear.

I’m in love… with Aaeru.

Title: Ribbon
Author/Artist: chibirachy aka DigiExpert
Fandom: Simoun
Pairing: Rodoreamon/Mamiina
Rating: G
Warnings: None necessary
Request/Prompt: Prompt sentence: Sign
Word Count: 300
Summary: A desire to see something famiilar and a bit of an old trick...
Notes: too adorable.

She hummed softly to herself as she completed her morning routine, brushing her hair until it was soft and without tangles. Neatly, carefully, she parted her hair down the center. Her fingers nimbly worked the strands, separating them into three sections before plaiting them with practiced ease. She tied off each end, and then reached absently for the red velvet ribbon that would hold the braids together.

Her fingers came up empty. She fumbled around, searching for the ribbon blindly, but felt nothing. She turned her head, looking to the spot where she knew the ribbon had been kept. As she had thought, the ribbon was nowhere to be seen. She frowned slightly. She was certain she had placed it here the night before.

In the background, a sudden bout of soft snickering started. Rodoreamon turned suddenly, but no one was there, as she had expected. She turned back to her vanity, looking for the ribbon once again. She checked behind bottles of perfume and containers of makeup, but the ribbon was nowhere to be found. She heard the snickering again.

“I guess I’ll have to wear my hair in this style today, although I haven’t worn it since I was a teenager.” She rose from her seat and took one last look at her hair. It wasn’t the most professional style, but she had more important issues to deal with.

“I think it’s rather fitting for my little ladyship,” whispered a voice. Rodoreamon shivered lightly as she felt the cool air.

“Of course, Mamiina. You hid my ribbon, didn’t you?”

“You would dare accuse me?”

Rodoreamon nodded, smiling. “I know it was you, but I will wear it because you like it.” She exited the room, smiling. Mamiina would always leave signs behind that she was never truly gone.

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Sibylla Aaeru
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