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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Tue Oct 26, 2010 11:13 pm

I've been wanting to write a Wapourif/Morinas fic for awhile now. I finally decided to write one about their wedding. This will be a multi-part story. Hope you like it.

I'm rating this PG for now, but I'll let you know if I change my mind in future chapters.

Wapourif stood with Wauf, Anubituf, Guragief, and some other crew members who had come to see the Sibyllae off to the spring. This was a really emotional time for him. To think that it had only been a few short months ago since he had first met Morinas. Sure he was attracted to her from the beginning, but over the time his attraction had bloomed into full scale love.

“Please, let the Messis carry you to the Spring.” Wauf told the Sibylla.

“Nah, it’s OK.” Replied Floe.

“I’ve always wanted to ride on a helical motor train.” Added Rodoreamon. Wapourif’s gaze turned to Morinas who stood beside her. He wondered if she would choose to stay a woman for him at the Spring today.

“I understand.” Wauf responded to the Sibyllae.

“May I ask what happened to Sibylla Neviril and Sibylla Aaeru?” Guragief asked.

“They said that they wished for a little more time.” Paraietta answered his question. Right now Wapourif was wishing he had a little more time with Morinas before she left for the Spring. He wanted to fully sort things out with her. He had confessed his feelings for her the day before, but he was still unsure rather or not she felt the same. Was she really willing to give up her dreams of becoming a man and tinkering with Simoun beside him?

“Understood.” Anubituf replied. Wapourif just had to say something before she left.

“Well then.” He said, mainly towards Morinas. She looked quiet sad at the moment. Wapourif wondered what was going through her head right now. Was she thinking of him? Was she thinking about staying a woman?

“Farewell.” She finally said. What did that mean? Was she going to leave him for good? He couldn’t bare that, even if she did become a man.

“After I’m an adult, I’ll come visit again!” Floe said as a final parting word. Maybe there was some hope they would all return after visiting the spring. That was all Wapourif could hope as he watched all the Sibyllae board into Simile and fly away. He stood silently. What should he do now? He was so caught up in his own thought, he never noticed Wauf turn to him.

“Wapourif, what are you so gloomy about?” He asked, getting the young man’s attention. Startled, Wapourif looked down to the ground.

“I was just wondering if I would ever see her again.” Wapourif mumbled his reply.

“Hum, see who again, exactly?” Wauf answered with a grin. He had a pretty good idea he knew who Wapourif was talking about.

“Morinas.” Was Wapourif’s answer. Wauf grin spread wide across his face.

“You love her, don’t you?” He asked the young man, causing a faint blush to spread across his cheeks.

“Was it really that obvious?” He asked in embarrassment, causing everyone one around him to chuckle.

“Wapourif, it was more obvious then Anubituf’s and Guragief’s feelings for each other.” Wauf replied, still sporting a grin as he glanced at the two in question. Simultaneously, blushes spread across both Anubituf’s and Guragief’s face. Returning to his seriousness, Wauf turned back to Wapourif. “Anyways, Wapourif, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

“I don’t?” The young man asked. Did Wauf know something he didn’t?

“No you don’t.” Wauf told him. Wapourif wasn’t convinced though.

“How would you know?” He asked.

“I just have a feeling the Morinas feels the same way for you as you do for her. I believe she has thought over this long and hard, so she will not be making any mistakes at the Spring today.” Wauf replied. Wapourif thought about this. Was Wauf right?

“I need to take a walk.” Wapourif told everyone and left the deck. Was there any way he could find out for sure? Maybe he could find some clues his Morinas’s old room. Quickly, he walked to the room that just last night, the love of his life had shared with Sibylla Rodoreamon. Where he got there he opened up the door and walked in. The room was bare, except for something on the windowsill. He walked over and picked up the toy Simoun that sat there.

“Why did she leave this here?” He asked himself. Morinas had loved this toy. She had built it herself to model a real Simoun. She had told him it was for practice until she could tinker with the real thing. Did this mean that she was giving up becoming a man for him? Wapourif smiled as he left the room with the toy in his hand. He now felt more confident that Morinas was choose to stay by his side as a woman.

He walked to his room and put the toy Simoun on his desk. He decided he should take a quick rest until the Sibylla returned from the Spring, so he hopped in his bed for a nap. With how nervous he had been the previous night he had not slept well. Now that he was feeling better, he wanted to look his best before he saw Morinas.

A couple of hours later he woke up feeling refreshed. He stood up and walked over to his dresser. He picked up his comb to straighten out his hair. Once that was done, he opened up his top drawer and took a small box out. With a smile, he put the box in his pocket and straightened out his clothes. It was time for him to face Morinas.

Opening up his door he left his room. Walking down the hall past the ballroom, he noticed Paraietta and Neviril dancing. This meant the Sibyllae were back from the Spring. Now the only question was where Morinas was. He decided to check the maintenance hangar first, but didn’t find her in there.

“Has anyone seen Sibylla Morinas?” He asked his co-workers.

“I believe she’s on the deck with the rest of the Sibylla.” One of his co-workers answered.

“Thanks.” Turning out of the maintenance hangar, he walked onto the deck. Sure enough, all of the Sibyllae were there. With a smile, he walked towards the group. He heard as both Kaimu and Alti told Aaeru that they had chose to be female. It was time for him to find out if Morinas had chosen the same.

Everyone turned as the noticed him walking towards them. Morinas smiled as she closed her eyes and walked towards him. This must mean the news was good for him. They stopped in front of each other and just stared into each other’s eyes as the wind blew thru their hair. Finally Wapourif decided to break the silence.

“Welcome home.” He said with a smile.

“Thanks.” Morinas replied. More silence as they stood there staring into each other’s eyes. Wapourif was having a bit of trouble asking that one question he was dying to know.

“So, um, what exactly did you chose at the Spring?” He finally asked. With a smile, Morinas reached into the pocket of her Sibylla robe. She held out her hand, opening it to reveal her pendant with the left wing still intact. Wapourif almost wanted to cry in joy. She had remained a woman for him.

“Oh Morinas, you don’t know how happy this makes me.” He told her in a sincere voice.

“I can imagine that you’re very happy right now.” She replied, still smiling. Wapourif nodded and took a breath.

“Morinas, I have one last thing to ask you.” He told her in a serious voice. He was about to ask a really big question, be he didn’t feel as nervous as he did with the first question.

“What is it?” Morinas asked. Wapourif dropped to one knee in front of her, pulling the little box out of his pocket, opening it up in front of her. Inside was a diamond ring his father had given him shortly after his visit to the spring. He had told Wapourif he had to be prepared for the day when he would want to make a commitment to that one special lady in his life. Morinas let out a gasp at the sight of the ring, as did everyone else watching.

“Morinas, will you marry me?” Wapourif asked her with a strong voice. Tears poured out of Morinas’s eyes. She had been expecting Wapourif to truly confess his love to her, but she didn’t expect he would propose so soon.

“Oh Wapourif...” She began, but unfortunately for her, some soldiers ran out onto the deck with guns. Two of them grabbed Aaeru and dragged her away. The rest of them pointed their guns at the rest of the Sibyllae. One of them yelled something in their language.

“I think they want us to follow them.” Rodoreamon pointed out.

“I think you’re right...” Morinas responded and shot a sympathetic look to Wapourif as she followed the armed soldiers to the room they would be held captive in.

Wapourif stood there in disbelief. How dare those soldiers ruin the moment for him? Now when would he get Morinas’s answer? One of his co-workers walked up behind him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry that happened chief.” He said, “But I’m sure she’ll give you her answer once all that is sorted out.” With a sigh, he turned around to face his co-worker.

“I hope so.” He said, “In the meantime let’s get back to work.” With that he entered the maintenance hangar where he remained for the rest of the day. He was working to take his mind off what had happened, when he noticed two of the Plumbum priestesses entering one of the Simoun.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” He asked, knowing they understood his language.

“We’re taking this Simoun to Sibylla Aurea and Sibylla Aaeru so they can escape.” One of the priestesses explained. Wapourif just sighed. He really wasn’t in the mood right now to deal with this.

“OK, take it to them.” He told them. He had the feeling they were telling the truth anyways. Once they had taken off, he returned to work. He worked until he heard a loud smash. He ran outside just in time to see the Simoun exiting from the ball room. After that, things became crazy. The soldiers were running around, shooting into the air trying to bring down the Simoun, but to no avail. Finally the Plumbum priestesses bored their own Simoun, with the Sibyllae trying to stop them. Unfortunately for them, the soldiers pointed their guns at them, stopping them in their track. Wapourif watched in silence. Morinas was on the deck watching the Simoun, but didn’t seem to notice him.

“Chief.” One of his co-workers said from behind him. She was most likely wondering what to do next.

“There is nothing more we can do for them.” He told her, still bitter about what had happened. “We will return to our duties.” With that he turned around and ran back in the hanger. He just couldn’t stand Morinas not noticing him.
“Yes, sir!” One of his co-workers said as she followed.

Inside the hangar, Wapourif started tinkering with a Simoun. He just had to take his mind off what had happened.
Back on the deck, Morinas was laughing with the rest of the Sibyllae as they had a snuggle war. It was then that she remembered the question Wapourif had asked her.

“Excuse me, but I have some unfinished business to take care of.” She told her friends as she stood up and walked into the maintenance hangar to find Wapourif. She found him tinkering with a Simoun and walked over to him.

“Wapourif.” She said, getting his attention.

“What?” He asked as he turned to her.

“Yes.” She told him. At first, Wapourif just blinked, not realizing why she was saying yes.

“Yes, what?” He asked which caused Morinas to burst into laughter.

“Silly, I was giving you the answer to the question you asked me before those soldiers interrupted.” She told him. Suddenly, a grin spread across his face as this registered in his brain.

“So you’ll marry me then?” He asked, just to make sure.

“Of course I will.” Morinas answered. With that she leapt onto him, planting her lips on his, in a passionate kiss. The maintenance hangar broke into applause and Floef broke back into tears. A blush was on Wapourif’s cheeks as the two newly engaged broke apart.

“What do you say we take this somewhere a bit more private?” He suggested to his new fiancée.

“Sure thing.” She responded. With that Wapourif led Morinas to his room, where they spent the night expressing their love for each other.

To be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:28 pm

Here's chapter 2.

Morinas woke up late the next morning. Wapourif slept peacefully beside her. She still couldn’t believe what had happened the previous day. It hadn’t even been a full 24 hours since she had officially become a woman at the spring and she was already engaged to a man. Not only that, but they had spent the previous night exploring their love for each other. As she sat up on the bed, Wapourif woke up beside her. A blush spread across his cheeks as he got a clear view of Morinas’s bare upper body in the morning light.

“Morning, Wapourif.” Morinas told him with a smile as she observed the blush on his face. “There’s no need to blush. You saw everything last night.” Wapourif looked away from her as she said that.

“Um, well, it was dark last night so I didn’t really get a good view.” He explained in embarrassment. This was an awkward situation for him. If he was like this after their first night, how was their relationship going to work out? A sly look crossed Morinas face.

“What about that one time when I snuck into the shower with you?” She asked in her infamous sly voice. Wapourif’s face couldn’t get any more red as she said this.

“I didn’t peek over the stall.” He explained himself. These words gave Morinas a good laugh.

“Really?” She asked, watching Wapourif as he nodded, “Because I sure did.” A wink was added with these words.
“Morinas!” Wapourif exclaimed as he sat up, losing the covers which were covering his chest. With a grin Morinas reached over and poked him on the chest.

“They really have gotten smaller.” She told him. Instead of becoming more embarrassed, Wapourif started laughing.
“You are such a naughty girl, Morinas.” He told her once his laughter died down.

“I sure am.” She responded, “Can you imagine what kind of a naughty boy I would have made?” Wapourif’s face paled as he gulped.

“I’d rather not.” He told her as he climbed out of bed. He picked up his discarded clothes on the floor and began putting them on. As he was putting on his pants, he noticed he had something in his pocket. Curious, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the small box which was in there. With a smile, he turned back to Morinas, presenting the box to her.

“It seems with all that happened yesterday, I forgot to give you this after you accepted my proposal.” He opened the box back up, revealing the ring she had presented to her the previous day. Morinas moved herself to sit on the edge of the bed as she reached out and pulled the ring out of the box.

“It’s beautiful, Wapourif. Where did you get it?” She asked as she examined it. A smiled spread across Wapourif’s face as he remembered the day his father had given him that ring.

“My father gave it to me shortly after I visited the Spring. He wanted me to be prepared for the day I would propose to the woman I wanted to spend my life with. That ring has actually been passed down from father to son in my family for generations now. My father gave that ring to my mother when he proposed to her and his father gave that ring to his mother and so on.” Wapourif explained the history of the ring to his fiancée, whose eyes were filling with tears.

“That’s such a wonderful story. I’m happy you find me worthy enough to be a part of your family’s tradition.” Morinas said her voice full of emotion. Wapourif nodded at her as she slid the ring on her finger, finding that it fit perfectly. It made Wapourif very happy.

“Good, it doesn’t need to be resized.” He said. Morinas nodded, also happy that it had fit. After hearing this rings history, she would have felt guilty if it had needed to be resized for her.

“So, tell me more about your family.” Morinas said after a moment of silent emotion for her. She wanted to know more about her fiancé’s family.

“Well, you’ve probably heard of my father, Watourif. Back when he was younger, he worked on Simoun, much like I do right now. He came up with some pretty famous theories about the helical motors.” Wapourif told Morinas, while thinking of his father. He was very proud of his accomplishments.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of him. He was an idol to me as I was growing up. I read all his theories. It was a dream of mine to work on Simoun beside him.” Morinas eyes lit up as she realized that she was marrying the son of her childhood idol. Why had she not realized this sooner?

“Yeah, he’s quite the man. Today he owns the largest company in Daikuuriku that makes helical motor vehicles. My mother, Lata, works for the company, since my father doesn’t believe women should be limited to raising the children. Both he and my mother raised me and my little sister equally.” Wapourif explained.

“He does sound like a wonderful man. Maybe there is still hope for me becoming a mechanic.” Morinas said with hope. Even though she had decided to stay a woman in the end, she still did want to obtain her dream job.
“Well I’m sure my father will have no problem with employing you in a few years.” Wapourif told her, only to get a questioning look.

“Why in a few years?” Morinas asked curiously.

“Well, I’m not that sure myself, but the law does state that all the employees for his company must be at least 21.” Wapourif explained, “That’s the main reason why I’m working here on the Arcus Prima instead of his company.” Morinas nodded at this explanation. It was a bit disappointing, but she was just happy that she could one day work in the field she had dreamed of and marry the man she loved.

“So, you said you had a little sister?” Morinas asked. She wanted to know all about Wapourif’s family.
“Yes, I do. Her name is Wenli. She just turned 15 last month.” Her fiancé told her in a proud voice. He loved his little sister. He felt blessed to have her in his life.

“Oh, 15. I guess that means she hasn’t been to the Spring yet, so she won’t turn out to be your little brother now when you take me to meet your family.” Morinas teased him.

“Nope. Besides, she was always so lady like as we were growing up. I’d be surprised if she decided to become a man when she finally does visit the Spring.” Wapourif explained. He paused as the last thing Morinas said sank in. “Wait, did you just say you want to meet my family?” With a grin, Morinas wrapped her arm around the back of his neck pulling him into her embrace.

“Duh, of course I want to meet my future husband’s family. Why wouldn’t I?” Wapourif thought about this for a moment.

“Hum, that’s a good point. Well then, I guess I could take you to go meet them today if you want.” He offered to her.
“So soon. Shouldn’t you arrange something with them first?” Morinas asked. She didn’t want the first time meeting Wapourif’s family to be awkward.

“Nah, they’re open to me visiting anytime I’m free.” Wapourif told her, “Plus I’m sure they’d want to meet my future bride as soon as possible.” Morinas stood up from the bed and walked to pick up her clothes from the floor.
“Then I guess I should take a shower to get ready.” She said and turned to Wapourif with a seductive smile, “Want to join me?” This question caused the young man to blush.

“Um, yeah, sure, I guess.” He answered nervously. Morinas giggled at how nervous he was.

“No need to be so nervous, you can see it all right now.” She pointed out to him. Her fiancé looked down at the floor, trying to control the color on his cheeks.

“Let’s just get this done.” He said and led his fiancée into his bathroom so they could shower. It was a bit of a lengthy shower, as Morinas kept teasing Wapourif. As Wapourif grew more comfortable, he started teasing Morinas back. Eventually, they were both clean and re-entered Wapourif’s room to get dressed. While she was getting dressed, something on Wapourif’s dresser caught Morinas’s attention.

“Hey, is that my toy Simoun?” She asked as she turned to her fiancé, who was just putting his pants on. Since he was visiting his parents today, he was getting dressed in casual clothes instead of his usual maintenance uniform. The clothes he was putting on consisted of blue jeans and a button up white shirt.

“Yeah, it is.” Wapourif responded as he buttoned up his jeans. Once that was done, he picked up his shirt and started to put it on. “I was walking around trying to calm myself down, so I entered your old room. It was just sitting on the windowsill so I decided to pick it up. I know it was important to you, so I just couldn’t leave it forgotten about.” As he said this he finished buttoning up his shirt. Morinas had also finished getting dressed. She had dressed in a blue t-shirt and jeans.

“Well it’s time to get going.” She said. The couple exited the room and made their way to the control room to say their goodbyes. When they arrived, they were surprised to find Wauf there along with Anubituf and Guragief.
“Ah, it took you two long enough.” Wauf said as the approached, “Everyone one else has already gone home. We were wondering what you two were up to that would make you so late.” Wauf gave Wapourif a sly look, as he had a pretty good idea what had happened, which caused the young man to blush and look away. With a smile, Morinas held out her left hand, revealing her ring to the three men.

“Wapourif proposed to me last night.” She told them happily. Smiles spread across the room.

“Congratulations you two.” Anubituf said. Guragief smiled beside him.

“That’s quite a coincidence.” He said, “Anubituf proposed to me last night as well.” The two men looked at each other with grins on their face.

“Well, we’re not getting married, but we have decided to be life partners.” Anubituf added, still staring at his lover.
“Congratulations. I’m happy that you two have sorted out your feelings.” Morinas told them. Wapourif nodded beside her.

“Anyways,” He began, “We’re here to tell you we’re going to visit my family today. We’ll probably be back tomorrow since the maintenance crew hasn’t been relocated yet.”

“Well have fun you two.” Wauf told them.

“We will.” And with those parting words, the couple left the Arcus Prima for the day and boarded onto the Helical Motor train on their way to visit Wapourif’s family. The ride took half an hour. Once they exited the train, it took another ten minutes to walk to Wapourif’s house. Once they arrived, Wapourif opened the door and invited Morinas in.

“Mother, father, Wenli, I’m home. And I brought someone for you to meet.” Wapourif called out. A middle-aged woman with the same skin-tone as Wapourif walked into the hallway they were in. Her long black hair, which was showing some grey, was pulled up into a ponytail. She wore a green dress.

“Welcome home Wapourif.” She greeted, “I see your finally starting to flatten out.” Wapourif blushed at these words and brought his right arm up over his chest.

“Mother...” He said embarrassed. Beside him, Morinas burst into laughter. Wapourif glanced at her and frowned. He didn’t really like being embarrassed by his mother in front of his fiancée like this. Before anything else could happen, a middle-aged man entered the hall. His short black hair was also showing some grey. His skin tone was also the same as Wapourif’s. He was wearing a button up blue shirt with long sleeves and black slacks.

“Wapourif, who’s this lovely young lady beside you?” He asked as he scanned Morinas over, noticing the ring she wore on her left hand. A smile broke out on his face and he walked over to his son to give him a pat on the back. “Congratulations son. She’s beautiful.”

“Thanks, father.” Wapourif said.

“Hum, who has nii-san brought home?” Asked a teenage girl who had just entered the hall. Like the rest of her family, she had dark skin and black hair, which she kept long and in two pigtails. She was wearing a blue dress. Smiling, Wapourif motioned everyone’s attention to Morinas.

“Everyone, this is my fiancée, Morinas.” He introduced. His mother gasped.

“I don’t believe this. My little boy is finally getting married.” She said, giving Wapourif a chuckle.

“Mother, I’m only going to be turning 20 in a couple of months and I’ve only been a boy for a little under 3 years.” He informed his mother.

“Well her child getting married is an emotional time for a mother.” His mother explained in her defence.

“Wow, nii-san, that’s awesome!” Wenli exclaimed, “I can’t wait till I’m older and marry the man of my dreams!” With a smile Wapourif turned to his fiancée.

“See, I told you she wanted to become a woman.” He told her slyly. Morinas grinned back.

“She could still change her mind. I, for example, had always planned on becoming a man so I could become a mechanic.” She slyly replied back. Watourif’s eyes lit up at these words.

“Well you don’t need to give up on becoming a mechanic. I employ lots of female mechanics at my company.” He told her.

“I know, Wapourif told me earlier.” Morinas replied back. “I’m glad I don’t need to give up my dreams by being with him. I just love tinkering with machines so much.”

“Really, then I have something that might interest you. Follow me you two.” He said and led the couple into the garage, where an old beaten up simile sat. “I bought this last month. I’ve been working on it a bit. Would you two like to help me right now with it?”

“Of course I would!” Morinas answered excitedly. She couldn’t believe she would get to fix something alongside her childhood idol. Her level of excitement was almost as high as it was last night. Wapourif laughed and wondered how he would do competing with fixing stuff for his fiancée’s attention.

“Sure thing, father.” He answered his father’s question. The three of them spent the rest of the afternoon working on the simile. When they finished, all three of them needed a shower before dinner. Wapourif and Morinas shared the shower again, but didn’t spend as much time messing around as they had that morning not wanting to do such a thing with Wapourif’s family in the house. After that was done, they sat down at the table for dinner. Lata served steak that night. Once everyone had they dinner, Lata turned to Morinas.

“So Morinas, tell me more about yourself. I’m curious to know about my future daughter-in-law.” She told Morinas.
“Well I’ve growing up, I’ve always had an interest in machine. I come from a Sibyllae family, but when I was old enough, instead of becoming a cadet, I took a part-time job at a small repair shop. There I learned how to perform some basic repairs as well as how to fly a simile. When I turned 17, I didn’t go to the Spring, in hope that I would be able to fly a Simoun beforehand. It wasn’t until a year later I got my lucky break when Chor Tempest was looking for Sibylla. I was recruited there. Once there, I wasted no time to check out the Simoun, and met Wapourif. At first I only saw him as a friend, but over the months, I started becoming more attracted to him.” Morinas explained. Wapourif smiled at the last part, remembering his first meeting with Morinas.

“Just for the record, I was attracted to you from day one. I just had trouble expressing it.” He told her.

“So, when did you start becoming attracted to Wapourif?” Watourif asked. With a grin, Morinas turned to Wapourif.
“It was that night on the Messis, when Wapourif snuck into the Sibyllae room. He stood over my bed until I woke up then his kissed me on the lips. When he broke apart from me he admitted he had taken apart a Simoun and found it to be just a machine. As he left, I realized that he say me as a girl and was attracted to me. I then realized that I too was attracted to him. Unfortunately, our relationship hit some bumps the very next day and we’ve only just recently sorted it all out.” Morinas explained their relationship. Wenli turned to Wapourif.

“Nii-san, you actually took apart a Simoun?” She asked her brother.

With a sigh, Wapourif responded, “Twice now actually. The first time was when Sibylla Dominura ordered it, the second was shortly after the ancient Simoun was discovered. The Defence Minister ordered it to be taken apart.”
“So, do you know anything more about how a helical motor works now?” Watourif asked, curious if his son could solve the mysteries of the Simoun.

“No, I didn’t find anything I could understand. But when Sibylla Dominura looked into the dismantled helical motor the first time, she started screaming and had a mental breakdown. She never told me what she saw and told me to forget about that day, but I can’t forget. She has since preformed the Emerald Ri Maajon and disappeared from this timeline.” Explained Wapourif to his father. He really wished he understood, but he just didn’t at the moment.
Dinner ended quietly after that. They spent the rest of the evening entertaining themselves in the living room. By then, they Morinas felt apart of them family. Finally, they all went to bed. Morinas slept with Wapourif in his room again, but this time they kept all their clothes on.

“You have a very nice family.” Morinas told her fiancé. Wapourif nodded to her in response. There was a brief moment of silence.

“So when do I get to meet your family?” Wapourif finally asked. Morinas thought about this for a moment. She knew her older brother was home this week, so she figured she should take him before the end of the week.

“Well, if you’re not needed on the Arcus Prima tomorrow, I could take you then.” She told him.

“Sounds good to me.” Wapourif replied and cuddled up closer to her. With that they both went to sleep.

To be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:18 pm

Here's chapter 3.

The next morning, the couple woke early so that they could join Wapourif’s family for breakfast before leaving back to the Arcus Prima. Watourif had made breakfast this morning and had made fried eyes and bacon. They ate while making conversation. After they had finished, it was time to part. The couple stood at the door, bowing to the family.
“Are you sure you need to leave so soon?” Lata asked her son. She hardly ever got to see him these days and just when he finally came to visit to introduce them to his fiancée, he was leaving already.

“I would stay longer if I could; mother, but I told Anubituf I would be back today.” Wapourif explained to her.
“But what if they don’t need you back today? From what you were saying yesterday, the maintenance crew sounds to be in a bit of disarray since they disbanded Chor Tempest.” Wenli questioned her brother. She was hoping to find a reason for him to stay a bit longer.

“Well I was thinking if that was the case, I could take him to meet my family today. My big brother’s home this week and I would like for Wapourif to get the chance to meet him.” Morinas explained. She grinned at the mental image she had of her brother and Wapourif in the same room. That was bound to be loads of fun.

“Don’t worry; we’ll be sure to be seeing you quite a bit in preparation for the wedding.” Wapourif assured them. He really didn’t know how to plan a wedding, and figured he and Morinas would need all the help they could get.

“Well I would be glad to help you with that.” Lata said. She still couldn’t believe one of her children was getting married already.

“Thanks mother.” Wapourif thanked her, “Well now, we got a train to catch.” The two parties exchanged their goodbyes as the couple made their way to catch the helical motor train back the Arcus Prima.

The ride was silent for the first five minutes until Wapourif remembered what Morinas had told his parents earlier. He turned to her. At the moment she was resting her head on his shoulder, with her eyes closed. He felt guilty to disturb her, but he had to know.

“Hey, Morinas.” He said, causing her to open up her eyes.

“Yes?” She responded, looking up at him.

“Well earlier you said you really wanted me to meet your brother. Is there any particular reason why?” He asked nervously. He was wondering what kind of man her brother could possibly be to make her so eager for him to meet him. With a large grin on her face, Morinas sat up facing Wapourif.

“Well I remember you saying you couldn’t picture me as a man.” She told him slyly. Wapourif didn’t really like the sounds of where this was going.

“Well actually I said I didn’t want to picture you as a man...” He told her nervously. Morinas’s eyes closed as she burst out laughing. From his experience, Wapourif had the feeling this meant bad news for him.

“Well then I guess you’re out of luck.” Morinas told him as she got her laughter under control, “My brother, even though there is a 7 year age gap between us, is almost like my twin.” Why did Wapourif have the feeling she was going to say something like that?

“So, why would you say he’s like your twin?” He asked. While he didn’t really like the idea of a male Morinas that much, he did want to know what her brother was like.

“Growing up, we would always tinker with stuff together. We would always build small models together.” Morinas explained, bursting into another fit of laughter at her memories, “I still remember how we would work together to take apart various things around the house, like the phone, the sink, the toilet, dad’s simile... Mom and dad would get so mad at us.” Hearing about what his fiancée used to be like made Wapourif laugh.

“It sounds like the two of you were a pair of trouble makers.” He commented. Morinas nodded and continued her tale.

“Oh we were.” Morinas replied, “Like me, he skipped becoming a cadet so he could work in the same small repair shop I did. Only when he turned 17 he went to the Spring instead of waiting to see if he could become a Sibylla. He now owns his own repair shop.” As she finished saying this, the train arrived at their stop. The conversation ended their and they made their way back to the Arcus Prima. Once there, they immediately went to talk with Anubituf. Like yesterday, both Guragief and Wauf were with him.

“We’re back.” Wapourif told them as the couple walked into the room. The three men looked up at them with a smile.
“Welcome back, you two.” Wauf greeted them.

“Thanks.” Morinas said, “It’s great to see you again Wauf, even though I’m not that sure why you are still on the Arcus Prima.”

“Er, well about that... Now that the war is over, they have taken the Messis from me. I hear they are planning on scraping it. I’m trying to come up with a plan with Anubituf and Guragief here to save the Messis. So far, we haven’t come up with any good ideas.” Wauf explained with a bit of a frown. As rusted as the Messis was, he had stiff grown quite fond of the ship and didn’t want to give it up. Wapourif thought for a moment. He wanted to do whatever he could to help.

“Well, I could talk to my father. Maybe he’d be interested in purchasing the Messis for his company as a cargo ship or something. I’m sure he would also be willing to make you captain of the Messis once again.“ He suggested. Wauf’s eyes lit up.

“That’d be wonderful. Thank you, Wapourif.” He told the young man.

“That reminds me,” Anubituf began, “They’re taking the Arcus Prima from us as well and converting it into a luxury liner.” The couple gasped at these words.

“What? Why are they doing that?” Morinas asked in shock.

“Well since the war is over and Simulacrum no longer has control over the Simoun, we have no other use for it. Plumbum doesn’t want it either.” Anubituf explained to the young couple. Guragief sighed beside him.

“I just think it’s sad that all the people boarding this ship will have no reminder of the past of this ship. They will soon forget that it use to house Sibyllae and was used as a war ship.” He told them. After all this time he had spent on the Arcus Prima, he just didn’t want to see them all forgotten.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Paraietta has already taken care of that.” Morinas said with a grin, remembering what she had watched Paraietta do just a couple of days ago.

“Hum, what did she do?” Wauf asked with a grin. He had a feeling he had already seen what she had done the other day, but decided to let Morinas explain.

“She etched a sketched of us all in the corridor of the suites. Anyone who sees that will be reminded of us all.” She said, still grinning, “I actually helped her a bit.” Wapourif looked over at her confused. He hadn’t seen this sketch.

“Can you show it to me?” He asked her. Morinas nodded.

“Well anyways you two, they’re actually taking the Arcus Prima tomorrow. So I’ll say you two are free to go.” Anubituf told them. Wapourif looked shocked at this.

“But what about my job?” He asked. He hadn’t heard anything lately about what Plumbum was planning to do with the maintenance crew. Anubituf looked a bit sad. He didn’t like breaking bad news like this.

“I’m sorry to say this, but Plumbum has decided to replace the entire maintenance crew.” He told him, “But look at the bright side, now you have more time to plan your wedding and enjoy your time with Morinas. Plus I assume your father will have no problem hiring you into his company when you’re old enough.”

“Yeah, I have nothing to worry about. It’s just sad I won’t get to see all my friends on the maintenance crew anymore.” Wapourif said in a sad voice. He had grown quite found of the people he worked with over the last couple of years.

“Well you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to never see them again.” Guragief told him. “Like Anubituf and I, we still keep in touch with all our old friends from when we were Sibyllae.” Wapourif thought about this.

“You’re right. We can always throw a get together in the future.” Wapourif concluded with a smile.

“So, what are you going to do now?” Anubituf asked.

“Well I plan on showing Wapourif what Paraietta sketched on the wall and take him to meet my family today.” Morinas answered with her plans.

“I should pack up all my stuff before leaving and I would also like to say goodbye to my friends.” Wapourif answered. Morinas nodded at him. She didn’t say anything, but she was a bit disappointed that the rest of the former Sibyllae had left before she had woke up yesterday. She didn’t want her fiancé not to get the change to say bye to his friends.
Morinas led Wapourif down the hall to his room, stopping in front of the sketch Paraietta had made just a couple of days ago. He looked it over with interest. The sketch on the top center caught his attention and he pointed it out to Morinas.

“So, Paraietta drew this?” He asked, referring to the part of the sketch that had Morinas. She was drawn holding her toy Simoun, but that wasn’t what Wapourif was referring to. The part he was most interested in was the love umbrella drawn on top of Morinas, with Wapourif’s hat on the right side of the umbrella.

“Well,” began Morinas with a grin on her face, “she only drew me. After she had finished sketching everything, I asked her to give me the tool she was using and etched on the love umbrella and your hat.”

“So does this mean that you only love my hat?” Wapourif asked jokingly. He knew Morinas loved him, not his hat, but it was fun to tease her like this. She knew he was just teasing her anyways.

“Of course not,” She responded, still grinning, “I’m just not as good as an artist as Paraietta is.” Wapourif nodded at this response and turned back to look at the sketch.

“Well I’ve got to say, Paraietta sure captured the last few months perfectly.” He commented. Morinas smiled as she stood beside him.

“And the best part is it will be here forever.” She added. Wapourif nodded and turned to go to his room. He had a bit of packing to do. Once in his room, he put a suitcase on his bed and opened it. He then turned to his dresser and opened up some drawers. He started with packing up the clothes he had on the ship. He packed his maintenance uniform as well just for the memory. He smiled as he held up his hat and walked over to put it on Morinas’s head.

“There, now you can have a love affair with it.” He told her with a grin, still joking. Morinas grinned back and pulled the hat over her eyes in a seductive way.

“Maybe I will.” She told him in a seductive voice, with brought a faint blush to the young man’s face. Embarrassed, he turned back to his dresser and opened up the drawer he kept random stuff in. He dug through it, throwing out things he didn’t want any more and packing stuff he still wanted. He paused when he found something important he had misplaced awhile ago. Slowly he pulled out his pendant. It had the right wing intact, like all male’s pendants in Simulacrum.

“So that’s where I put it.” He said as he turned to Morinas, holding it up to her. Morinas sighed as she grinned again.

“Really, Wapourif, how could you lose such an important item? You’ll need that to wear to our wedding.” She told him in a teasing voice. Wapourif rubbed the back of his head in guilt.

“Well it got in the way whenever I was fixing Simoun, so I put it in here and forgot about it. The important thing is I found it before I left.” He explained. With a smile, Morinas walked over to him and took the pendant from his hand. She held it up and placed it around his neck, pulling his hair out of the way. She stepped back to get a good view of how it looked on him.

“Hum, it looks good on you. It makes you look more like a man.” She told him. Wapourif brought his hand up to scratch under his chin.

“Oh, are you saying I look like a woman?” He asked in a teasing voice. Morinas just smiled. Teasing was so much fun for her.

“Well before you breasts starting shrinking and especially since your hair is so long, it was rather questionable.” She told him, also teasing. Of course with his masculine facial features, deepening voice, and the f on the end of his name, she didn’t mistake him for a woman when she had met him.

“Really? Think I should get a haircut?” Wapourif asked, holding some of his hair in his hand.

“Well I like you hair as it is, but if you want to get it cut, I won’t stop you. Just don’t cut it the way Rodoreamon cut her hair.” They both laughed at the memory.

“Yeah, I remember I spent that night holding the braid she cut off, fearing the day I would need to cut my own hair.” Wapourif admitted. “I know the day will come eventually, since I’ll probably end up getting a high job at my father’s company and most people don’t take men with long hair very seriously.” Sympathetically, Morinas placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Well feel free to keep it as long as you want until then.” She told him in a calm voice.

“Thanks.” He said and leaned down to place a kiss on her lips. Once he broke apart from her, he turned around a picked up the toy Simoun from his dresser. He didn’t want to forget it here. He placed it gently in his suitcase and closed it.

“You ready to go now?” Morinas asked him. Wapourif nodded.

“Yup, I just want to say bye to my friends first.” He said and led her to the maintenance hangar for the final time. Once he entered, many of his friends ran over to him.

“Chief, are you really leaving us?” One of the maintenance men asked. Wapourif frowned as he nodded.

“Unfortunately since Plumbum is using their own maintenance crew, they our disbanding ours.” Wapourif explained, “But it’s not all bad. We can still meet up with each other in the future. I can even invite you to my wedding.”

“You will?” One of the maintenance women asked him. Wapourif nodded as a response.

“Of course I will.” He assured her, “Well until then, see ya!” He turned to Morinas and left.

“Bye Chief!” Many members of the maintenance crew called out as the couple left for the helical train. To ride to Morinas house was a short fifteen minute ride. The walk from the station only took them ten minutes. Before entering her house, Morinas took off her pendant and stuffed it into her pocket. Wapourif looked at her questionably for this action.

“I want to keep them guessing. I’m sure they all expected me to become male at the Spring. I want to see what they’ll assume before I tell them.” Morinas said with a sly grin.

“You are so bad, Morinas.” Wapourif told her, also sporting her own grin.

“You love it, admit it.” She responded, leaning up to place a quick kiss on his lips. With a slight blush, Wapourif nodded.

“So, are you going to let me in to meet your family?” He asked.

“I suppose I could do that.” Morinas led him into the house. “I’m home!” she called out as she entered the living room of the house, where a middle-aged man and woman sat with a young man. The middle-aged man was quite good looking for his age. His blond hair showed no signs of boldness, despite the bits of grey. He wore a white button up shirt and grey slacks. The woman sitting beside him was also good looking for her age. She had long silver hair was pulled into a bun. The good thing to having that hair color was Wapourif couldn’t notice any signs of grey. She was wearing a semi-fancy looking blue jacket and skirt. The young man looked a bit like a delinquent. He had short silver hair was a bit on the messy side. He wore a black muscle shirt and black jeans. He had some silver chains around his neck.

“Welcome home, Morinas, or should we be calling you Morinaf now?” Asked the woman as she stood up from the couch she sat on. With a sly grin on her face, Morinas looked at her mother.

“I don’t know, should you?” She answered, looking as innocent as she could. She loved teasing her family like this. She couldn’t wait to see how to react when they learn she had become a woman.

“You have finally gone to the Spring, haven’t you?” the man asked as he also stood up.

“Yeah, I went a couple of days ago with my friends for Chor Tempest.” She answered truthfully. She looked over to the young man as he stood up.

“So who’s the man beside you?” He asked as he walked over towards them.

“Oh, this is my fiancé, Wapourif.” She told her family in a non-serious voice, so that she could tease them further. Everyone gasped loudly.

“What, my little brother is gay? Or are you just teasing us again?” The young man asked. Morinas gave him an amused look. It seems right now her family could decide what was happening. Whether she really was a gay man, a straight man who was pulling their legs, or if she had in fact stayed a woman so that she could become engaged to a man.

“Oh, who ever said I was your little brother?” She pulled her pendant out of her pocket and put it around her neck. Her family looked at it closely, blinking.

“So, you decided to stay a woman?” Her mother finally asked after a long silence. Morinas nodded with a smile on her face.

“You could have just told us when you came in.” Her father told her in a stern voice.

“But that would have been no fun.” She told him in her slyest voice. Finally, her brother burst into laughter.

“Oh Morinas, I should have known you pull something like this.” He said as he walked over to the couple, holding out his hand for Wapourif to shake. “By the way, I’m Molinaf, Morinas older brother.” Wapourif took his offered hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you, Molinaf, like Morinas said, I’m Wapourif, her fiancé.” Wapourif greeted him. The middle-aged man also stepped forwards.

“It’s an honor to meet the man my daughter is going to marry.” He said, “I’m Marif and this is my wife Sofia.” He motioned to the woman who was behind him.

“I’m also happy to meet you too, Wapourif. I’m glad at least one of my children is managing to find a partner.” She glanced at her son as she said this last part. Morinas gave her brother an amused look.

“Oh, haven’t you found yourself a girlfriend yet?” She teased him. Molinaf looked up as he rubbed the back of his head, not showing any sign of embarrassment. Wapourif was really noticing the similarities he had with Morinas.
“Well I did have a girlfriend, but she broke up with me last month.” He explained. With a grin, he turned back to his sister. “So how did you meet Wapourif?” Morinas grinned back.

“He worked as the maintenance chief on the Arcus Prima. I starting out teasing him for fun, and he ended up following for me.” As she explained this, Wapourif nodded, with a blush on his cheeks, “Eventually I ended up falling for him as well, causing me to choose to stay a woman at the Spring. He proposed to me shortly after that.”

“So, what are you to doing now?” Marif asked the couple.

“Well Chor Tempest was disbanded since the Plumbum priestesses are taking over our duties. They also decided to disband the maintenance crew as well. So now we don’t have jobs anymore, we’re planning our wedding.” Morinas explained as she reached over to Wapourif’s hand.

“Well where are you two staying?” Sofia asked. She wanted to make sure her daughter had a place to stay.

“Well we were going to stay on the Arcus Prima for a while, but unfortunately they’ve decided to convert it into a luxury liner so we can’t stay there anymore for free.” Wapourif then remembered something important after saying this, “May I use your phone? I just remember I need to talk to my father about purchasing the Messis.”

“Sure you may. It’s through that door to the left.” Sofia gave him directions.

“Thank you, ma-am.” Wapourif said and left the room. Once he was gone, Sofia turned back to her daughter.
“The two of you may stay here if you want. There’s plenty of room.” She told her. Molinaf grinned as a dirty thought crossed his head.

“Just don’t do anything naughty with mom and dad in the house.” He said in a sly voice. Morinas put her hand over her mouth as she snickered at this. Her mother looked horrified.

“Molinaf! There’s no way they would do such a thing before getting married!” She turned to her daughter, who was starring at the ceiling with an innocent look. Her mother being use to her children never showing signs of embarrassment knew her daughter was embarrassed at the moment. “You didn’t!”

“We might have.” She answered innocently.

“Please tell me you used a condom!” Her mother couldn’t believe this. She thought she had taught her children better than this.

“A condom? What’s that?” Morinas asked playfully, not really wanting to admit to her mother that they hadn’t used a condom. Her mother got the message however and just shook her head.

“Oh Morinas... Do I need to put Wapourif in a separate room while the two of you are here?” She asked, causing her daughter to give her a pleading puppy dog look. Her brother burst into laughter.

“Come on mom, there’s really no harm in it now.” He said. Their mother thought for a moment.

“Alright then, but I’m putting some condoms in your room, young lady and I expect to find used ones in your waste bin from now until the wedding.” She told Morinas and left the room up the stairs towards the bedrooms.

“Hum, I guess she wants us to do it.” Morinas joked as she and her brother laughed. Their father shook his head and sighed.

“You two really shouldn’t be joking about this.” He said as Wapourif re-entered the room.

“Hum, what are they joking about?” He asked as he walked back beside his fiancé, who gave him a naughty grin.
“Oh my mom is just putting condoms in my room for us.” She told him, causing his face to turn red. “So did your father agree to purchase the Messis?”

“Yeah, he did. He even agreed to fix it up a bit.” Wapourif told her.

“Wauf will be happy to hear that.” Sofia walked back in the room. They spent the rest of the day getting to know each other, with the two siblings cracking jokes.

By the time they went to bed, Wapourif was very tired. He climbed into Morinas bed with only the intention to sleep.

“But my mom wants us to do it!” Morinas cried as she held up a condom her mother had placed on her dresser. Wapourif’s face turned red.

“Maybe some other time. I’m too tired right now.” He told her and patted the spot of the bed next to him, inviting Morinas to join him, which she did.

“But mom will move you to another room if she doesn’t find used condoms in my waste bin.” She joked. Wapourif chuckled at this.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine.” He told her, “Now let’s go to sleep.” Wapourif fell asleep first, with Morinas soon after. They didn’t wake up until morning.

To Be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:28 pm

There's an interesting development this chapter.

It had been a month since Morinas had gone to the Spring and gotten engaged to Wapourif. During that time, the couple had been living with Morinas’s parents while they made plans for this wedding. At the moment, they planned to have the wedding in four months. During the time, Morinas’s family had grown use to having Wapourif around, but her mother was still on their backs, making sure they had condoms in Morinas’s room each night. They hadn’t really done much with them over the month, Wapourif being too embarrassed to do anything with his fiancée’s parents in earshot. When they did do it, it was usually when her parents were out.

It was early morning when Morinas awoke feeling nauseous. She didn’t know why, but for the past week she had been feeling like this. She wanted to just continue lying in bed with her fiancé, but she felt like she was going to be sick. She shot out of bed and quickly made her way to the bathroom, just in time as a rush of vomit poured out of her mouth. Wapourif, haven’t been awoken by her movement, walked in the bathroom behind her rubbing his eyes.
“Are you alright, Morinas?” He asked as he walked behind her and began to rub her back in support, “You’ve been doing this quite frequently during the past week.” Morinas rubbed her head as she pulled her head up from the toilet bowl.

“I’m sure it’s nothing to be concerned about.” She told him as she slowly stood up, not wanting a sudden was a nausea to send her back on the floor. “Now what’s for breakfast? I’m hungry.” She walked out of the bathroom beside Wapourif down to the dining room.

“That’s another thing. Despite throwing up so much, you’ve been eating more than usual lately. I think you may be developing an eating disorder.” Her fiancé commented as they sat down at the table.

“And what do you want me to do?” Morinas asked as her mother sat a plate down in front of her with pancakes on it. She quickly began to eat them, causing Wapourif to frown.

“Well I’m concerned about your health.” He told her as he slowly began to eat his own food, “I would like you to go see a doctor soon before this can become any worse.” Sofia smiled, happy that this young man was so concerned for her daughter’s well being. She was glad she had found such a caring man, instead of one of those low-lives who didn’t care about anything.

“Well I’m not doing anything today, so I guess I could go visit the doctor today.” Morinas told him. She wasn’t going to tell him, but she had actually made an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon a couple of days ago. She really wanted to know what was wrong with her before Wapourif could worry too much. She just hoped it was nothing serious.

Later that afternoon, Morinas sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. There were many books and magazines in the room, but she didn’t feel like reading anything. Instead she just sat there patiently, waiting for her turn while deep in her thought. She kept thinking back to that night she shared with Wapourif a month ago after she had gone to the Spring, wondering if that had anything to do with what was wrong with her. But it was such a short time after she had gone to the Spring, so that couldn’t be possible yet, could it? As she wondered this, the doctor walked into the room.

“Morinas, I’m ready for you.” He said and led her into the examination room. “Please have a seat on the table.” He motioned to the examination table for Morinas to sit on and sat down in his chair. “So what seems to be the problem today?”

“Well for the past week I’ve been feeling nauseous and having frequent headaches. I’ve been throwing up a lot, mainly in the morning and evening. My appetite has also increased and I’ve needed to use the bathroom a lot more than usual.” She explained everything unusual she had noticed. The doctor thought for a moment.

“How long has it been since you’ve gone to the Spring?” He asked her.

“It’s been a little over a month and I chose to stay a woman.” Morinas answered. The doctor nodded at her response.

“Have you had any menstruation cycles since then?” He asked. It was important to make sure his patients were developing normally as the gender they chose.

“No, I haven’t.” Morinas told him as she rubbed her chin, “I have had a bit of spotting, but I was expecting more than that. I’ve even talked to one of my friends who went to the Spring with me who also remained female. She said she has already had a normal cycle since then.” She thought back to the phone conversation she had with Rodoreamon the other day. She did find it strange.

“Morinas, do you mind if I ask you a more personal question?” The doctor asked.

“Ask away, doc.” Morinas told him.

“Well, have you been sexually active with any males since you went to the Spring?” He asked. This question brought a grin to Morinas face.

“Yeah, I had sex with my fiancé the night after I went to the Spring.” She answered straightforwardly, not trying to hide anything. This surprised the doctor. Most women he asked this question to would get embarrassed and either refuse to answer or giving an answer to would very loosely imply that she had.

“Did the two of you use a condom or any other form of birth control?” He asked, trying to get all the facts.

“Well not the first time, but since then, my mom has demanded we use condoms until our wedding.” Morinas told him. Did this mean the doctor thought this was a possibility?

“Do you know how long it’s been since he’s been to the Spring?” The doctor asked. It usually took a couple of years before males were able to produce a regular quantity of sperm.

“It’s been a little under three years.” Morinas told him, “But could that even be possible so soon after I went to the Spring?” The doctor stood up and picked up a small tube from the table.

“Well it’s rare, but it is possible for a woman to get pregnant right after going to the Spring.” He told her as he walked over to her, handing her the tube, “Just to make sure, I’d like you to give me a urine sample I can run some tests on.”

“Sure thing.” She told the tube from him and exited the room, making her way into the bathroom. It only took her a few minutes to get the sample. She walked back into the room and handed the sample to the doctor, who was now wearing gloves. He took the sample from her and walked towards the door.

“It will be awhile before I get the results.” He told her, “You can wait in here until then.” Morinas sat back down on the table as he left the room. She paid no attention to the time as it passed. She was to deep in her thoughts. Could she really be pregnant? Was she ready for children just yet? What would her parents think? What would her friends think? How would Wapourif react? With all these questions floating through her head, she didn’t notice the doctor walk back into the room until he spoke.

“I got the results.” He said, getting her attention.

“And?” Morinas asked nervously. She wasn’t sure what results she wanted right now.

“They’re positive, you’re pregnant.” The doctor told her. Morinas was silent for a moment as this new registered in her brain. Trying to decide whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, a smile finally broke out on her face.
“This is wonderful!” She burst out, “Sure, we weren’t planning on having a child this soon, but this is still fantastic.” She stood up from the table.

“Well I’m glad you’re happy about this.” The doctor said, “I was a bit worried you wouldn’t want to keep her.” Morinas smiled as she turned back to him.

“Of course I want her. This is mine and Wapourif’s daughter. I wouldn’t have it in me to abort her.” Morinas said and patted her still flat stomach. It was hard for her to believe she now had a piece of Wapourif growing inside her. The thought made her excited. “I need to get home and tell him this. See ya later, doc and thanks for everything.”

“No problem. Take care!” The doctor told her as she left the office. Morinas wasted no time getting home so that she could tell Wapourif the news.

“I’m home.” Morinas called out as she entered the house. Wapourif walked into the hall and greeted her with a hug and brief kiss.

“So, what did the doctor tell you?” He asked when he broke apart from her.

“Come upstairs with me and I’ll tell you.” Morinas led him up in to her room. She didn’t want her parents hearing just yet. Once they were in her room, she closed her door tightly and turned to her fiancé with a cocky grin.

“So what did he tell you? Are you alright?” He asked in concern. He hoped it was nothing serious. He was a bit nervous since this appeared to be something she wanted to tell him in private.

“Oh, I’m fine, daddy.” Morinas told him. She didn’t plan on telling him straight out. She was going to have her fun first. Wapourif looked confused at her words.

“Why are you calling me that?” He asked in a confused voice, “I’m not your father.” Morinas looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully, with her hand under her chin.

“Really, because that title is going to suit you soon.” She told him. Wapourif blinked.

“But I’m marrying you, not adopting you.” He said, confused. He had no idea what his fiancée was talking about. A smile still on her face, Morinas reached out for his hand and placed it on his stomach.

“What do you feel?” She asked him. Wapourif still had no idea what was going on.

“Um, the fabric of your shirt.” He responded unsure what he should be feeling. Morinas leaned into him and let her hand wonder to the front of his pants, bring a blush to Wapourif’s face.

“You know, you really are good in bed as a man.” Morinas commented. Finally everything clicked in Wapourif’s head and he jumped back in shock.

“Oh my God!” He cried out in realization, “You’re pregnant?!” Luckily this wasn’t loud enough for Morinas’s parents to hear. Eyes closed, Morinas smiled and nodded. Wapourif was in pure shock. He was not expecting Morinas to tell him this so soon. For himself, it had took awhile before everything down there had matured enough for him to even get a woman pregnant. He just assumed it would take awhile with women too. “So, what are we going to tell your parents?” He finally asked. He wondered if they would want to kill him once they learned this.

“Well,” Morinas began, “I was thinking of holding a dinner party in a few nights and invite our family and our friends to it so we can tell them all at once.” Wapourif let out a sigh. There was no way this could go well.

This dinner got planned just like Morinas wanted. Her parents had no problem with so many people coming into their home with such short notice. After calling everyone, everything was arranged since none of their friends had found new jobs yet so they were free to come. Wapourif’s family had nothing planned that night and Molinaf didn’t need to work that night either. Everything was set up perfectly for Morinas to drop the bomb on them all.

The day of the dinner, Sofia spent the day preparing a giant ham. The couple spent the afternoon relaxing for the party in their room. Morinas was lying on the bed, quite calm for that evening, while Wapourif was in a panic as he paced back and forth.

“They’re all going to be so mad at me.” He said as he paced back and forth, “I just know they’re going to blame me for not being able to wait until we were married. I should have waited. Look at the situation I’ve put us in. I guess I deserve this.” Morinas stood up from the bed and walked over to him.

“Calm down, Wapourif. I wanted it as much as you did that night, so it’s not your fault.” She told him. Wapourif looked at her, fear still in his eyes.

“But they aren’t going to be thinking that when you tell them. People always blame the man for these things for not being able to control himself.” Wapourif told her. Morinas shook her head as she wrapped her arms around her shoulders and led him over to the bed.

“I think you should take a nap to calm yourself before everyone arrives.” She told him. Wapourif nodded and pulled her onto the bed with him. He leaned over to her when they were on the bed and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Fine, but I want you to lay here with me.” He told her when his lips broke from hers. Morinas nodded and the spent the rest of the afternoon like that. At 4:30 they got up and walked downstairs. It wasn’t long until the front door opened and Molinaf walked in.

“I’m here.” He called out as he walked into the living room and looked at the couple sitting on the couch together. Wapourif still had a worried look on his face while Morinas had this evil look on her face like she was planning something big. A smile crept onto Molinaf’s face as he got an idea. “Morinas, may I speak with you in private?”

“Sure.” Morinas said as she stood up from the couch. She led her brother upstairs into her room. “So what do you want to talk about?”

“I was wondering what this party was about.” Molinaf asked as he leaned on Morinas’s dresser. Morinas shot him a cheeky grin.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” She answered slyly. With his hand on his chin, Molinaf looked up slyly as he looked to be deep in thought.

“You aren’t throwing this party because Wapourif got you pregnant and you wanted to drop this bomb on everyone in the biggest way possible, are you?” Molinaf had a big grin on his face, feeling he had hit something. This was confirmed by the shocked look on Morinas’s face.

“What?! That was a lucky guess!” She yelled at him, but burst into laughter, “But I guess you know me so well that wasn’t so hard for you to figure out.” Molinaf nodded.

“Just like how you would probably figure out any of my schemes before I told anyone.” Morinas nodded at this, “Anyways, I can’t wait to see the look on mom’s face when you tell everyone.”

“Ya, it will probably be worth a good laugh.” Morinas agreed. There was a knock from the door downstairs. “Well that must be Wapourif’s family. We should go down so I can introduce you, mom and dad to them.” Morinas led her brother back down where like she predicted, Wapourif’s family was standing in the living room. Her own parents entered the room to meet them. Morinas turned to her family.

“Mom, dad, Molinaf, this is Wapourif’s family.” She told them, “His father, Watourif.” She motioned to Watourif, who waved. “His mother, Lata.” Her hand moved to Lata. “And finally his little sister, Wenli.” Wenli waved as well.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” Marif told them. Wapourif stood up from the couch and walked beside his family.

“And this is Morinas’s family.” He told them. “This is her father, Marif, and her mother, Sofia. The delinquent standing next to them is her older brother, Molinaf.”

“Hey, who are you calling a delinquent?” Molinaf asked in mock insult. Before Wapourif could respond, there was another knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Morinas went to answer the door, revealing Rodoreamon and Paraietta. “Rodore, Paraietta! It’s so good to see you two again!” She gave them both a hug.

“You too, Morinas.” Rodoreamon responded. When she broke the hug, Morinas motioned for them both to come in.

“Please make yourself at home.” She told them. The two entered the dining room and had a seat at the table. It wasn’t long before the rest of the guests arrived. Morinas sat at the front of the table with a big smile on her face. Her mom and dad had placed all the food on the table and everyone began to eat. It was a very good meal and everyone liked it. Once everyone had finished eating, Morinas stood up.

“Well I supposed you’re probably all wondering the purpose of this party.” Morinas began.

“Well I just assumed it had something to do with yours and Wapourif’s wedding.” Rodoreamon responded. Morinas did nothing to confirm or deny this.

“Anyways, before we get to the purpose of this party, why don’t we start by introducing ourselves?” She suggested. “Mom, you start. Tell them your name and a little about yourself.”Morinas sat back down and her mother who sat beside her, stood up.

“Hi everyone. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Sofia, Morinas’s mother.” She introduced herself, “Right now I’m just serving as a house wife, but when I was younger, I used to be a Sibylla.” Marif stood up as his wife sat back down.

“I’m Marif. I’m Morinas’s father.” He said, “I too used to be a Sibyllae. Now I’ve got a job transporting good by Simile.” As he sat down, he gave his son a worried look. He wondered what he would say that could possibly embarrass him. Molinaf smiled coolly as he stood before the table.

“I’m Molinaf, Morinas’s cool and hot older brother.” He told the table, “I skipped being a Sibylla and own my own repair shop.” He paused for a bit, “And ladies, I’m single.” He gave a thumbs up and he winked with a toothy grin. The entire table was silent. Marif held his head in his hand. Sometimes he couldn’t believe his son.

“Unfortunately for you, the only one of us who would have possibly swooned over you decided to become a man at the Spring.” Paraietta finally said after a long silence. At those words, Floef waved to Molinaf, who looked crushed.

“Yeah, if you had done this a couple of months ago, I might have fallen for you.” He told him. As Molinaf sat down in disappointment, he stood up. “I’m Floe by the way.” He paused, “Well actually its Floef now.” He held his hand behind his head as he laughed. In terms of appearance, he had changed the most over the last month. He had cut his hair short and was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. “I am a former Sibylla of Chor Tempest, which was disbanded last month. I’ve been living with my parents since, but I’ve been thinking of getting my own place with a farm so I can grow fruits and vegetables.” Alti stood up beside him.

“I’m Alti.” She began, “I’m also a former Sibylla of Chor Tempest. I was actually Floef’s pair. Now that I’m not flying Simoun anymore, I’ve moved back in with my parents with my sister here.” Alti motioned to Kaimu, who stood up.
“I’m Kaimu, Alti’s older sister. I was also on Chor Tempest. Like Alti said, I’ve moved back in with my parents.” She sat down and Guragief stood up.

“I’m Guragief. I use to be the Dux for Chor Tempest, Rubor and Caput.” He told the table, “I was also a Sibylla when I was younger.” He looked towards Anubituf as he stood up beside him.

“My name is Anubituf. I was the captain of the Arcus Prima. When I was younger I was a Sibylla.” He looked over at Guragief and smiled. They were no longer ashamed of who they were and wouldn’t hide it. “Now I’m living with Guragief here as his life partner.” The people who didn’t know gasped.

“WHOO! Way to go you two!” Molinaf cried out as he shot out of his chair and began cheering like crazy. The two men in question blushed.

“Thanks, Molinaf.” Guragief finally said.

“No problem.” A wicked grin crossed Molinaf’s face. “Now let’s see you two kiss!” The two men’s faces were completely red now.

“W-what?” Anubituf choked out. He was all for being open, but kissing in front of everyone was a little much.

“Come on, let’s see it!” Morinas edged them on, “If you two kiss, Wapourif and I will too, so you won’t be alone.” This caught her fiancé’s attention.

“What?” He cried out, his face showing hints of red. Morinas just smiled as she leaned over and placed a brief kiss on his lips.

“Well, I guess I may as well...” Anubituf sighed, “Guragief.” He leaned over to the other man and placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“Oh ya! That’s what I’m talking about!” Molinaf cried out. Both men blushed as they tried to hide themselves. Marif sighed and smacked his son on the back of the head.

“I thought I taught you to behave better than this.” He said. To take the attention off this, Wauf stood up to introduce himself.

“I’m Wauf, I was the captain of the Messis.” He told everyone, “I don’t come from a Sibyllae family, so I was never a Sibylla. I spent my younger days as a mercenary to be honest. Right now I’m actually seeing someone...” He rubbed the back of his head nervously as he admitted this. He didn’t want to know what the young man sitting beside him would think if he knew the identity of the woman he was seeing. Speaking of which, Vyuraf stood up beside him.

“I’m Vyuraf. I started out as a Sibylla for Chor Rubor, but I was transferred to Chor Tempest of Sibylla Mamiina...” He trailed off, not knowing how he should say it. “Well anyways, I’m not up to much these days.” He turned to Paraietta, passing the introduction to her.

“I’m Paraietta. I was a part of Chor Tempest.” She turned to Rodoreamon, needing her to complete her introduction.

“I’m Rodoreamon and I also was on Chor Tempest.” She turned back to Paraietta, “These days Paraietta and I are working together to set up an orphanage for all the children who lost their parents in the war. We belief we can manage to get it up and running by next year.” Everyone applauded this.

“That’s a wonderful idea you two. I hope you succeed.” Anubituf told them. Everyone else nodded. After everyone finished congratulating Paraietta and Rodoreamon, Wenli stood up.

“My name is Wenli.” She said politely, “I’m Wapourif’s little sister. I just turned 15 a couple of months ago, so I haven’t visited the Spring yet. It’s nice to meet you all.” She turned to her father, who stood up.

“I’m Watourif, Wapourif’s father.” He told everyone, “You may have heard of me as I run the largest company in Daikuuriku that produced helical motor vehicles.”

“Ah, I know you, you’re the one who saved the Messis from being scrapped.” Wauf said. Watourif nodded.

“Yeah, I am. Right now I’m having it fixed up. Once that’s done, I’d be happy to make you captain of it again.” He told the man. Wauf smiled at this.

“Thanks, it kind of sucks not being captain of it right now after I had gotten use to it.” Wauf admitted. Everyone finally turned to Lata for her introduction.

“I’m Lata, I’m Wapourif’s mother.” She said, “I work for my husband’s company.” She sat back down as she finished. Now that all the introductions were down, Morinas stood back up with a huge grin on her face.

“Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the purpose of this party.” She began, looking around the table. May people looked confused and her brother was sporting a huge grin on his face. “I’m pregnant.” There was a brief silence before a chorus of “What?” and “Already!” rang out around the table. Sofia started crying.

“My little girl is pregnant!” She cried out, “I expected my first grandchild to come from this one!” She motioned towards Molinaf, who was laughing like crazy.

“Well I’m sorry no girl wants to stay with me long enough.” He told her. Lata turned to her son.

“I thought your father and I had taught you about safe sex. What were you thinking?” She asked him sternly. Wapourif was trying to hide under the table, but his mother wouldn’t let him.

“Well I didn’t know women were capable of sexual reproduction so soon after going to the Spring.” He told his mother, “I thought like men, it would take awhile.”

“Why would you assume such a thing?” She asked him. Watourif wrapped his arm around his wife’s shoulder to calm her.

“Now Lata, I’m sure he didn’t do this on purpose.” He told here calmly. She pressed her head to his chest and cried. Sadly, Wapourif turned back to Morinas.

“I told you they’d all hate me now.” He said, hanging his head in shame. He knew they should have just moved the wedding to next week and told everyone Morinas got pregnant on the honeymoon.

“Now son, no one hates you.” Watourif told him and turned to Morinas’s family. Sofia nodded in response.

“Wapourif, I don’t hate you. I was just shocked. I think you are a really good match for my daughter and won’t let this change my opinion.” She told the young man.

“Like my wife said, I won’t hold anything against you for this either, Wapourif.” Marif told him.

“And I’m just thrilled I’m going to be an uncle.” Molinaf said happily. Lata finally raised her head up from her husband’s chest.

“I don’t hate you either, Wapourif. I’m just disappointed you forgot what your father and I have taught you.” She finally said. Wenli stood up from her chair, walking over to give her brother a hug.

“Nii-san, you’re my brother. Nothing you make me hate you.” She told him. “Plus I can’t wait to see my niece.” Wapourif smiled at his sister and patted her on the head.

“Thanks, Wenli, I needed that.” He turned back to the rest of the table. He had yet to hear their opinion.

“Wapourif, if you taking apart a Simoun didn’t make us hate you, nothing will.” Paraietta finally told him. The rest of the former Sibylla nodded.

“I’m just jealous I can’t get my own lover pregnant, since we had a little miscommunication when we went to the Spring.” Anubituf said with a wink, causing Guragief to blush beside him and start coughing.

“I’m in no position to judge, since I’ve done my share of stupid things.” Wauf said. Wapourif almost wanted to cry.

“Thanks everyone.” He said. “This means a lot to me.” They spent the rest of the night discussing wedding plans and baby preparation. All in all Wapourif was just glad they didn’t hate him now while Morinas was glad to have their support.

To be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:18 pm

Finally something wedding related happens.

It was now a month before the planned date of the wedding. Morinas had her dress fitting that day, while Wapourif was going to be renting his tuxedo. At the moment, Morinas stood in front of the mirror, examining her stomach which had arched out quite a bit during the last few months.

“Do you think this could cause a problem?” She asked her fiancé, who sat on the bed behind her.

“I’m sure they’ll be able to tailor your dress to be a bit loose so it will still fit on the day of our wedding.” He answered her. With a grin on her face, Morinas turned to him. Wapourif knew she was getting ready to tease him.

“Oh, are you calling me fat?” She asked teasingly. Wapourif sighed. Why did he have the feeling she’d eventually ask him that in a teasing way, instead of the serious, emotional manor most women asked in?

“Morinas, I would never call you fat.” He told her as he stood up from the bed and walked over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders, “You’re pregnant. Right now it’s our daughter that’s the one growing, not you.” Morinas’s eyes trailed from his face down to his chest, bringing a wide grin to her face.

“Well I’m not the only one who will have to worry about their clothes still fitting properly for the wedding.” She commented and she poked him on the chest. Right now there was only a small bulge left there. Morinas had no doubt that by the wedding; his chest will have completely flattened out. Wapourif blushed lightly as he brought his arm over his chest.

“Er, well, that could cause me a bit of a problem.” He admitted, scratching the back of his head. Morinas stepped back from him.

“And what about me?” She asked, still teasing him, “What am I supposed to play with on our honeymoon?” Wapourif’s whole face was bright red as he gasped loudly.

“Er, um, well...” He trailed off not knowing what to say. Morinas burst into laughter, covering his mouth with her hand as she bent over the best she could with her pregnant stomach, trying to control her laugher.

“Oh Wapourif.” She got out in between laughs, “You know your chest isn’t the only thing I love about you.” Once she finally managed to get her laughter under control, she looked back up at him. “So anyways, where would you like to have our honeymoon?”

“I’ve actually been thinking of this and think I’ve got the prefect idea.” He told her as he opened up a drawer and pulled something out. He turned back to Morinas and handed it to her. It was a pamphlet for the ‘new’ luxury liner, the Arcus Prima. Morinas eyes lit up as she read over the pamphlet. It was the perfect place for them to spend their honeymoon.

“Good idea Wapourif. I would love to spend our honeymoon on the ship where we first met and fell in love” Morinas paused as she thought for a moment, “Though come to think of it, our relationship didn’t really start blooming until you kissed me that night on the Messis.” Wapourif laughed.

“You want me to ask my father if we could borrow it for our honeymoon.” He asked jokingly. Morinas thought about it for a moment, but finally shook her head.

“No, I think I’d rather spend our honeymoon where we first met. Besides we may not get much opportunity in the future to see the Arcus Prima again, but with your father using the Messis for his company, we could see it any time we want.” She told him. There was then a knock at the front door. They heard the sound of it opening.

“Morinas, Wapourif, you’re friends are here!” Sofia called out.

“Well I guess it’s time for us to go.” Morinas said as the couple made their way downstairs. To help her pick out the right dress and so they could pick out the bride’s maids dresses, Morinas had invited Rodoreamon, Paraietta, Kaimu, Alti and her mother along. Wapourif didn’t really need help picking out a tuxedo, but Morinas had pointed out his half of the wedding party would need tuxedo’s too, so Anubituf, Guragief, Floef and one of his friends from the maintenance crew, Halof, would be joining him along with Morinas’s father. Wapourif was just glad Molinaf wouldn’t be joining, or else his tuxedo fitting would probably turn into a joke. Sofia had tears in her eyes.

“I can’t believe I actually get to help my daughter pick out her wedding dress. For the longest time I thought I would end up with two sons.” She said in tears. Morinas smiled as she put her hand on her mother’s back.

“Well you have Wapourif to thank for changing my mind.” She told her. She looked up to the rest of the girls. “Well ladies, are we ready to pick out my wedding dress and the bride’s maids dresses?” Paraietta nodded in response.

“I sure am, Morinas.” She told her. Beside her, Rodoreamon had her hands clutched in joy underneath her chin as she smiled brightly.

“I’m sure you are going to make a beautiful bride, Morinas!” She told her.

“Thanks, Rodore.” Morinas thanked her friend, “Now then ladies, let’s go.” With that she led all the girls out the door, leaving just the men standing in the room awkwardly. It was silent, no one knowing what to say.

“Um, well, we should get going.” Wapourif finally said. Everyone nodded as they made their way out the door, beginning their walk to the tuxedo rental store. The walk was silent for the first five minutes. Finally Floef spoke up.
“So Wapourif, with your wedding date coming up so fast, I was thinking.” He began. Why did Wapourif not like the sounds of this?

“What have you been thinking?” He asked in a nervous voice. He sure was hoping he wasn’t going to request Wapourif tell everyone on the day of the wedding that they used to be lovers or anything like that.

“I was thinking of throwing you a bachelor party, so I made reservations at a bar for next week.” Floef told him and wrapped his arm around his neck, pulling him close. Wapourif let out a sigh. At least this was better then what he had thought, but he still didn’t really like the sounds of it. What would Morinas think if he left her for a night to go drinking and possibly be unfaithful?

“But what would Morinas do that night?” He asked. Floef smiled at his question and shot him a wink.

“Well I was talking to the girls on the way over and they were thinking they could throw Morinas’s a bachelorette party the same night at her house the same night. That way she won’t miss out on any fun.” They arrived at the tuxedo shop just as Floef finished saying this.

“I guess.” Wapourif responded as he opened the door to the shop. Inside the shop were two men dressed in fancy suits. They both walked over to the men who had just entered the shop.

“Yes, may we help you gentlemen?” One of the men asked. Wapourif stepped forward.

“Yes, I’m here to rent a tuxedo for my wedding next month.” Wapourif told them, and then turned to his friends, “And my groom’s men are here for their tuxedos as well, as well as the father of the bride.” Wapourif turned to Marif at the last part.

“Alright then sir, if you’ll just step behind this screen her and strip down to your undergarments so we may take you measurements.” One of the sales clerks led him over behind a screen, which Wapourif walked behind. “When you’re ready just say so and we’ll come back there.” Wapourif was glad he had know he would need to do this today and had worn an undershirt. Even if his chest had almost completely flattened out, he still didn’t want to be seen topless by anyone. Morinas was the only except. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. His pants followed. It was probably alright to leave his socks on, so he checked himself in the mirror to make sure he was comfortable with the sales men seeing him like this.

“Alright, I’m ready now.” He called out. The two men entered behind the screen with him carrying measuring tape.

“Alright sir, could you start by raising your arms over your head so that we can measure your chest?” Wapourif did as he was asked, allowing the men to measure around his chest.

“If I’m correct sir, your chest hasn’t completely flattened yet.” The other man inquired.

“That’s correct.” Wapourif responded with a slight nod.

“Then would you like as to take an inch or two off of your measurement, or are you fine with your tuxedo shirt being a bit loose next month?” The man asked for his preference.

“I’m fine with it being a bit loose.” Wapourif told him, “Besides, it’s better loose then tight.” The rest of the measurements wrapped up smoothly. Wapourif then started trying on tuxedos. He was rather annoyed that his friends wanted him to show them everyone one he tried on. Finally after half an hour, he finally settled on a white tuxedo.

“Let’s move on to the bride’s father now.” The one sales man suggested, “While he gets his tuxedo, why don’t the rest of you decide what kind of tuxedo the groom’s men will wear. Here’s a catalogue you can look through.” The man handed them a catalogue. Wapourif sighed. He had no idea picking out tuxedos would be so much work. Wapourif opened the catalogue to the first tuxedo.

“What do you all think of this one?” He asked.

“Wapourif, it’s only the first one in the catalogue. Shouldn’t we look at the rest of them before deciding which one we like best?” Anubituf said. Well at least the catalogue was rather thin. After fifteen minutes, they had finished looking through the entire catalogue.

“So which ones did you like?” Wapourif asked.

“I liked the pink one!” Floef told him. Everyone stared at him blankly.

“Floef, we don’t want to take the attention away from the bride.” Guragief told him.

“Yeah, plus I don’t think I’d look that good in pink.” Halof added.

“I was thinking that black one with the blue bow tie looked the best.” Anubituf gave his two cents. Everyone nodded and agreed. When the sales men returned to them, Wapourif turned to the page in the catalogue the tuxedo was on.

“We’ve decided on this one.” He told the two men, who both nodded.

“Excellent choice, sir.” The one man complemented.

“We’ll just take everyone’s measurements and get them to try them on for you. We’ll start with the best man.” The other man said. Halof stepped forwards, allowing the men to lead him behind the screen. Everything went smoothly for him and the tuxedo looked great on him. Both Anubituf and Guragief had no problems as well. Things got interesting when it was Floef’s turn.

“Sir, why aren’t you wearing an undershirt?” One of the sales men asked when both sales men stepped behind the screen after Floef had stripped off his clothes.

“Because I didn’t feel like wearing one today.” Floef answered. All the men in the waiting room burst into laughter. They should have figured he would do something like this. As it turned out, the tuxedo looked good on the young man.

Meanwhile, Morinas was trying on her 50th dress. She had really hoped she wouldn’t need to try so many on, but her mother and friends just couldn’t decide on which dress suited her best just by looking at them, so they made her try them all on. Right now, she almost wished she had become a man at the Spring and been Wapourif’s gay lover, just so she wouldn’t need to be trying on all these dresses right now. She exited the change room to show her mother and friends the dress.

“What do you guys think of this one?” She asked. Her mother had tears in her eyes as she looked up at her daughter. In her eyes, this was the dress. Her friends looked up from the huge catalogue of bride’s maids dress for that season. Morinas had told them to look through it while she tried on the dresses and mark the ones they liked. She had done that because she didn’t feel like spending another two hours looking through that catalogue with them. She sighed as she thought of how the men were probably already finished picking out all their tuxedos now. Her friends gasped when they saw the dress she was wearing.

“Morinas, that dress is beautiful.” Rodoreamon said, tears coming to her eyes. Morinas looked down at the dress she was wearing.

“Really?” She asked. She really didn’t see much of a different from the rest of the dresses. Maybe she should had chose to be a man. Rodoreamon nodded.

“Yes, it is a lovely dress on you.” Paraietta told her, “Look at yourself in the mirror.” Morinas walked in front of the mirror and gasped. This dress did look way better on her then the rest of the dresses did. It was simple with no ruffles, but it still had spunk. At first Morinas had thought she would need ruffles to hide her pregnant belly, but she actually found a plain dress made her look sexy, even in this state. Before she knew it, a tear had come to her eye.

“I think this is the dress.” She said and turned to one of the sales ladies, “I’ll take it.” The sales lady nodded.

“Sure thing, ma’am.” She said. Morinas walked over to her friends to see what progress they had made with their own dress search. She just hoped they didn’t pick out another 50 dresses for themselves to try on.

“Well, we’ve narrowed it down to five we like.” Rodoreamon told her, making Morinas sigh with relief.

“What’s the matter Morinas, getting bored?” Kaimu asked slyly. Morinas gave her a sly look in return.

“Oh course not.” She responded coolly, “Now you guys show the dresses you’ve picked out to the sales ladies so they can get them ready for you to try on, and I’ll go change back into my clothes. Morinas took 10 minutes to get changed back into her clothes, mostly because the dress was complicated to take off. When she got back into the viewing room, her friends had already left to try their dresses on. She sat down beside her mother and waited. After a while her friends walked out in their first dress. It was a green dress with puffy sleeves. It was also puffed from the waist down. Morinas looked them up and down.

“It’s nice, but it’s not really my thing.” She told them. They headed back into the dressing room to try the next dress on. The next three dresses also didn’t do it for Morinas, but the last one did. This one was a simple light blue. It had simple long sleeves. The dress was form fitting and cut off just below the knee. Morinas knew this dress would go well with the dress she had picked out for herself.

“I love that dress.” She told them with a smile. The four of them looked at themselves in the mirror and also smiled. Needless to say, they loved it too. Morinas turned to the sales lady. “I think we’ve decided on that dress.” The sales lady wrote this down.

Fifteen minutes later, the group was ready to leave. Morinas had a smile on her face, glad to have got that finished and out of the way.

“Well that was an interesting day.” She commented as she stretched her arms into the air. Trying on all those dresses had tired her out. Her friends laughed at her.

“Oh yeah, it was so exciting you couldn’t wait to leave.” Alti commented back. Morinas shot her a smile, trying not to look guilty.

“Well Morinas, is you want fun and excitement, wait until you hear this.” Paraietta said, getting Morinas’s attention. “Floef is planning a bachelor party for Wapourif next week. Since we don’t want you to feel left out, we decided we’ll come over to your house on the same night and throw you a bachelorette party.” Morinas grinned.

“That does sound like fun.” She said in excitement, “It will be a blast. We can play all kinds of games, invite a stripper over, drink, and party all night long!”

“We can do all but the drinking.” Paraietta told her. Morinas was shocked and looked at her for an explanation.
“What’s a bachelorette party without drinking?” She asked. Paraietta sighed. How could Morinas have forgotten something so important?

“Morinas, have you forgotten that you are pregnant?” She asked sternly. Morinas looked down and put her hand on her stomach.

“Oh yeah...” Morinas had waited a long time to be old enough to do these things like drink, but she guessed for her baby, she would wait a bit longer.

“Alcohol would not be good for your baby.” Paraietta told her, just in case Morinas she wasn’t sure, “But we can do anything else, as long as it doesn’t put your baby in any danger.” The grin Morinas had earlier returned.

“So we can get a stripper?” She asked excitedly. With a nervous look on her face, Paraietta nodded. She really didn’t like the idea of watching someone take their clothes off, whether they were male or female. Rodoreamon was also pale. The idea of a stripper didn’t thrill her much either. Kaimu and Alti however both cheered as the each embraced Morinas from each side.

“That’s a great idea, Morinas.” Kaimu told her.

“This is going to be one hell of a party!” Alti cheered beside her.

When Morinas got home, Wapourif was already in their bed. He was just laying there looking up at the ceiling. When Morinas entered the room, he looked at her and saw the big smile she wore.

“What are you so happy about?” He asked teasingly, “What dress fitting that much fun?” He found that idea odd. With how well he knew Morinas, he would have thought she would get bored spending the entire day trying on dresses.

“No, it was planning my bachelorette party for next week.” Morinas told him, “We’re going to have strippers.” Wapourif eyes grew wide as he shot up from the bed with a loud gasp.

“What?! Strippers?!” He screamed. He couldn’t believe it. “Are they going to be male or female?” Morinas thought about this.

“Come to think of it, I don’t really have a preference. I guess both! That will be fun!” Wapourif looked mortified. “So are you going to have strippers at your bachelor party next week?” Wapourif was stunned.

“I have no idea.” He admitted, “But I hope not.” He didn’t know if he’d be able to control himself if he saw another naked woman. He wouldn’t want to do something unfaithful to Morinas so close to their wedding. With a smile, Morinas pulled him into bed with her.

“Wapourif, I trust you around a stripper. You have nothing to worry about.” With those words, Morinas went to sleep for the night. Wapourif though had trouble sleeping. He just couldn’t stop worrying about next week.

To be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:49 pm

It's time to party!

Wapourif couldn’t believe it, but that last week flew by before he knew it. It was now the day Floef had planned his bachelor party on. He paced back and forth on the bedroom floor. He didn’t want to know what Floef had planned for tonight. He’d probably tease him all night, and although Wapourif had gotten use to Morinas’s teasing, Floef could be ten times worse. Wapourif let out a frustrated sigh just as his fiancée walked into the room. Amusement was etched on her face as she walked over to the young man.

“What’s the matter, Wapourif? You seem rather tense about something.” She commented and placed her hand on his shoulder. “The wedding is still three weeks away.” She gave him a sly grin, even though she knew he wasn’t nervous about the wedding yet. It was still too early for him to get nervous.

“Well, I’m just worried about what Floef has planned for my bachelor party tonight.” Wapourif admitted with a sigh. A stunned looked was on Morinas face when she heard this, until she bursts into laughter. Wapourif stepped away from her, a bit offended by her laughter. “Morinas, this isn’t funny.” As Morinas managed to control her laughter, she waved her hand in apology.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” She said, still fighting to control her laughter, “But I just find it amusing that you’re worried about your last moments of freedom.” Crosses his arms over his chest, Wapourif gave her a cross look.

“Just what do you mean, ‘my last moments of freedom’?” He asked a bit annoyed, “You aren’t planning on turning me into a slave afterwards are you?” Morinas shot him an amused look.

“Don’t you know your bachelor party is your last chance to let loose before you are bound down by marriage. You should use the opportunity to have some fun and enjoy your last moments of bachelor freedom.” Morinas told him, “I sure plan on doing that at my own bachelorette party tonight, even if I can’t drink anything.” With a smile, Wapourif walked back over to her, pulling her into a kiss. He was glad she was considering the well being of their unborn daughter well she partied tonight. She was also right; a bachelor party was nothing to worry about. After all, what could go wrong?

It wasn’t long before the evening arrived. The couple was sitting in the living room, when there was a knock at the door. They both got up to answer it. All the former Sibyllae were standing there to greet them.

“Are you two ready to party?” Floef asked, wrapping his arm around Wapourif’s shoulder and pulled the man into his side. All of Wapourif’s fears about that night came rushing back to him.

“You know I am!” Morinas said excitedly, giving Alti a high five.

“Come to think of it, I want to go to bed now.” Wapourif said, trying to back out of his bachelor party, “I had trouble sleeping last night then I had to get up early this morning. I’m exhausted.” Both Floef and Vyuraf sighed as they shook their head at their friend’s negative attitude.

“Come on, Wapourif. It’ wouldn’t be much of a bachelor party if they bachelor didn’t show up.” Vyuraf told him. Wapourif looked at both of the men curiously.

“Speaking of which, are you the only two of you coming to this party?” He asked. It just didn’t seem like much of a party to him if there were only three people.

“Oh no, everyone else is already at the bar.” Floef told him. Since he didn’t need so many people to come pick up Wapourif with him, he had just had Vyuraf come with him, and told everyone else to meet them at the bar.

“Everyone else?” Wapourif trailed off, “Just how many people are there?”

“Oh, just a few of your friends.” Floef told him and wrapped his arm around the young man’s shoulder as he started to lead him to the bar, “Now let’s go party!”

“See ya, Morinas.” Vyuraf said as he followed the two. With a smile, Morinas waved to her fiancé.

“Have fun, Wapourif.” The young man screamed in response. “Now ladies, let’s get our own party started.” Morinas led the girls into the living room. Paraietta walked over to the table and set down the bags she was carry. She pulled various juices and sodas out of them.

“Hey, Morinas, do you have a punch bowl?” She asked.

“Sure do.” Morinas answered and opened up the buffet, pulling out a punch bowl. She walked over and set it on the table Paraietta had put her juices and sodas on. Opening up all the containers, Paraietta began pouring everything into the bowl, mixing them all together.

“Could you go get some ice for me?” She asked, as she mixed up the drink for that night. Morinas nodded as she left for the kitchen and returned with a tray of ice that she dumped into the punch. Sofia brought out a tray of snacks, as Morinas went back into the buffet for some cups and plates. Once everything was set up, Morinas turned to her friends.

“So what should we do first?” She asked her guests.

“It’s your party, Morinas, you decide.” Rodoreamon told her. As she poured herself a drink, Morinas came up with a good idea.

“Why don’t we play, ‘I never’.” She suggested and turned to her friends’ confused faces.

“What’s that?” Kaimu asked. She really wasn’t familiar with games played at bachelorette parties.

“Well we each take turns stating something we’ve never done before. Anyone who has done what was stated has to take a drink.” Morinas explained. All her friend thought about this for a moment.

“Sounds like a fun game.” Paraietta finally said. The rest nodded.

“Alright, I’ll start.” Morinas thought for a moment and her gaze fell onto Rodoreamon, mainly her hair she was slowly growing back out, giving her an idea, “I’ve never cut my hair off during an argument with one of my friends.” With a blush, Rodoreamon took a sip. Paraietta smiled at Rodoreamon as she took her turn.

“I’ve never sung a lullaby to one of my friends.” She said. Rodoreamon took another sip. Alti decided to join in on the fun.

“I’ve never slept with a stuffed animal.” She said. Rodoreamon glared at her as she took another sip.

“Why is everyone ganging up on me?” She asked. Kaimu smiled. She just couldn’t help it, and maybe they’d find out something interesting.

“I’ve never kept my friends secret ingredients a secret.” She said. Rodoreamon blushed as she took another sip. Everyone looked at her in interest.

“So, what did Mamiina put in the soup she served us?” Morinas asked interested. She had tried before, but could never get Rodoreamon to tell her. Rodoreamon blushed. Should she finally tell them?

“You don’t want to know.” She told her friends in a low voice.

“Oh yes we do.” Kaimu told her, leaning forwards.

“Come on, tell us.” Alti leaned forwards with her sister. A heavy blush on her face, Rodoreamon sighed. She knew she couldn’t win this one.

“It was a mouse.” She told them quietly. The entire room was silent for a full thirty seconds after Rodoreamon had finally revealed Mamiina’s secret ingredient. Finally, Morinas burst into laughter.

“Oh man, I would have never guessed.” She managed to get out, “Who knew a mouse would taste so good?” Everyone else burst into laughter. They just didn’t have it in their hearts to be mad at either Mamiina or Rodoreamon for keeping her secret.

“Anyways Rodore, it’s your turn now.” Morinas told her friends. With a smile, Rodoreamon figured it was time for the bride to be picked on.

“I’ve never kissed Wapourif.” She said. With a smile, Morinas took a drink of her punch and looked at everyone else.

“Good, no one else is taking a drink.” She said. She was glad she wasn’t finding out anything new. Paraietta grinned as she thought of something.

“Maybe it’s a good thing Floe didn’t stay a woman or you might be mad at her right now.” She commented coolly. Knowing the truth, Morinas grinned back.

“Actually, Wapourif told me about his ‘relationship’ with Floe once. He told me he was attracted to Floe, but couldn’t bring himself to do anything to her. One day Floe told him to tell anyone who asked that they were lovers.” Morinas told her friends.

“So when did he tell you that?” Kaimu asked. A wicked grin crossed Morinas’s face. She wasn’t going to try to cover anything up.

“That one day on the Messis when I snuck into the shower with him. I believe the rest of you were out catching fish.” Morinas explained to her friends, whose mouths were hanging open in shock.

“So anyways, it’s my turn again...”

At the meantime, Wapourif, Floef, and Vyuraf were just arriving at the bar. Wapourif gasped as he opened the door and walked into the bar, “You call this just a few of my friends?” He looked around the bar, not only were Anubituf, Guragief, and Wauf here, but so was all the guys from the maintenance crew, some of the other crew members from the Arcus Prima Wapourif didn’t know the names of, his father, and Molinaf who was walking over towards him.

“Wapourif, you’re finally here.” He said, raising his beer into the air. Wapourif wanted to hide. Why had Floef invited him? Wanting to know, he turned to Floef.

“Why is he here?” He whispered to the man. With a smile, Floef walked over to Molinaf and gave him a high five.

“Come on Wapourif, you can’t have a bachelor party without him.” He said. Wapourif sighed. This was going to be a long night. He walked up to the table Anubituf, Guragief, and Wauf were sitting at.

“Beer please.” He ordered to a waiter who walked up to him. He looked at the men at the table with him. Anubituf and Guragief looked to have been trying to cheer up Wauf. “Hey Wauf, what’s the matter?” He never thought he’d ever see this man looking so down, “Floef didn’t force you to come here too, did he?” Wauf chuckled at this question.
“I take it by that statement; you didn’t want to come here tonight.” He commented. Wapourif nodded in response. Wauf sighed as he looked down at his beer, “Actually the reason I’m down is because I’m actually going to be getting married soon as well.” Wapourif gasped.

“Really, you are?” Wauf nodded, “Well congratulations, when do I get to meet her?”

“Actually, you’ve already met her before...” Wauf trailed off. Wapourif looked confused.

“Is it one of the ladies on from the kitchen staff?” He asked. Wauf shook his head.

“No, they’re already married.” He answered.

“Then who is it?” Wapourif asked. Nervously, Wauf looked around the bar, to make sure a certain man was out of earshot.

“It’s Ai.” He told the young man in a low voice. Wapourif let out a loud gasp.

“You don’t mean the Ai from Chor Rubor do you? The same Ai Vyuraf had a crush on?” Wauf nodded sadly. Wapourif was in shock. He never would have suspected Ai was into older men. “Does Vyuraf know this?”

“No, and it gets worse.” Wapourif was confused. How could Wauf marrying the girl Vyuraf had a crush on get any worse. “I got her pregnant.” This stunned Wapourif.

“Couldn’t you have waited until your wedding night?” He asked.

“You’re one to talk.” Wauf shot back. A bright blush came across Wapourif’s cheeks. He was just as guilty as Wauf was.

“So, what are you going to tell him?” Wapourif asked.

“I don’t know...”

Back at Morinas’s bachelorette party, the ‘I Never’ game had just ended. Now Morinas had gotten out an empty bottle and put it on the table.

“It’s time to play Spin the Bottle!” She announced. A blush crept onto Rodoreamon’s face.

“I don’t know if I’m comfortable with kissing people.” She said embarrassed. Morinas gave her a grin.

“But Rodore, you did this all the time as a Sibylla. What’s the difference now?” She asked slyly.

“Well, we have been to the Spring now. It wouldn’t be right...” She trailed off.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” Morinas spun the bottle and it stopped on Rodoreamon. Her entire face was red now. Morinas leaned over towards her the best she could with her pregnant belly.

“Um, Morinas, I don’t think I can...” She was cut off by Morinas’s lips on hers. She was speechless as they broke apart.

“See, it’s no different from when we were Sibylla.” Morinas told her with a grin. Rodoreamon held her fingers up to her lips, feeling them.

“I guess it wasn’t.” Nervously she reached out to the bottle and spun it. It stopped on Paraietta. The blush returned to Rodoreamon’s face. She couldn’t believe she had to kiss the woman she had spent so much time with over the last few months as they worked to set up an orphanage. Closing her eyes, she leaned across the table. Helping her out, Paraietta leaned forwards as well. Their lips met at the center of the table. Both women blushed as they broke about. Without saying anything, Paraietta spun the bottle. It stopped on Kaimu this time.

“Oh, Paraietta...” Kaimu had a blush on her face as she looked at the woman who she had a crush on for the longest time. Without saying anything Paraietta leaned over and placed a kiss on her lips. Kaimu’s glasses were fogged up when they broke apart, her face completely red. She stayed motionless like that for awhile.

“It’s your turn now.” Morinas told her, snapping Kaimu out of her fantasy.

“Oh, right.” She spun the bottle and had it land on her sister. She turned to Alti and stared at her. Although they had gotten better since the night when they seduced each other, they still got tense when it came to things like this. Without saying anything, Kaimu leaned over to place a kiss on her lips. It didn’t last long.

Watourif had invited his son to play a game of pool with him. As they played, it soon became obvious to them both that neither of them was a pool shark. So far they had only succeeded in sinking a few on the balls and move the rest of them around.

“So, you’re going to be a married man in a few weeks. How do you feel?” Watourif asked his son as he took his turn. Wapourif groaned at his shot. He had only managed to knock the balls around again.

“Well I feel happy to be marrying the woman I love.” He said as he watched his father take his shot. He almost managed to put a ball into a hole, but it bounced off the side into the middle of the table. Wapourif laughed at how bad they were doing. “We really suck at this game.” Also laughing, Watourif nodded.

“We do indeed.” They both laughed, until they heard a loud, “WHAT?!” They both turned their head just in time to see Vyuraf punch Wauf in the jaw, knocking the older man into a table. Figuring Wauf had told him about Ai, Wapourif ran over to restrain the angry man, along with Floef, Anubituf, and Guragief.

“Vyuraf, I know he just said he’s marrying Ai and he got her pregnant, but you need to calm down.” Floef told him, as he blocked the path between Vyuraf and Wauf. “Beating him into a pulp won’t suddenly make Ai like you, you know.” Everyone at the party was now watching the incident unfold. Behind Floef, Molinaf was helping Wauf stand back up.

“I know, but it just pisses me off that I’m only finding out about this now.” Vyuraf said, trying to find the hold the three men had on him. They weren’t letting go until the man had calmed down. Still injured, Wauf allowed Molinaf to help him back over to Vyuraf.

“Listen Vyuraf, I’m sorry this happened. I didn’t find out about Ai’s feeling for me until shortly after the war ended when she approached me. I had planned on telling you sooner, but with Wapourif and Morinas planning their wedding, I didn’t want to spoil the mood. But then I got Ai pregnant and I figured I wouldn’t be able to hide it for much longer. I’m sorry.” Wauf hung his head in shame. Vyuraf let out a sigh.

“Don’t worry, I understand.” He told the older man, “I’m sorry I punched you. I hope you aren’t too mad about that.” The three men holding him back let go of him.

“No, I’m not mad. I guess I really should have told you sooner.” Wauf held out his hand. “Friends?” Vyuraf nodded as he took his hand.

Rodoreamon was sporting a blush all over her face as she looked down at the floor. Before the five girls danced a half-naked man and a half-naked woman. No one had known when Morinas had ordered the strippers to come to the party and frankly, no one wanted to know.

“Oh yeah! Rub together like that!” Morinas cheered as she watched the strippers do a very suggestive dance. Paraietta had a stunned look on her face. How did people find this entertaining? Kaimu and Alti were the only ones besides Morinas to kind of get into it. They both cheer as the stripers danced. Kaimu turned to Paraietta and nudged her.

“Come on, Para-sama, you could at least fake interest.” She told the woman. With a shrug, Paraietta started cheering.

“Yeah! Way to go! Take it off!” She screamed while she applauded, having no idea how she should react. Everyone laughed, included Rodoreamon, who still couldn’t bring herself to look at the strippers.

Wapourif didn’t know how it had happened, but he was starting to enjoy his party. Even though he may not have known everyone here that well, it was still great just to have everyone together like this. He looked up when he heard the sound of the bar door opening. In stepped a beautiful woman wearing a long trench coat.

“So which one of you is Floef?” She asked loudly. Floef stood up.

“I’m Floef.” He walked over to the woman and they began to talk. Wapourif was confused. Who was this woman Floef was talking to? She couldn’t be one of the guests since women were not commonly invited to bachelor parties.
“So which one of you is the groom?” The woman asked loudly once again, once she was finished talking with Floef. Now Wapourif was very worried.

“Floef, who is this woman?” He asked in a worried voice. He had a real bad feeling about this.

“That’s the groom.” Floef told the woman. With a smile, the woman removed her trench coat, revealing the skimpy bikini she wore underneath and started dancing towards Wapourif. All the men in the room started hooting and hollering. Wapourif was very scared now.

“Floef...” He cried out. The woman sat in his lap and danced their seductively.

“Don’t worry, Wapourif. This is just the stripper I hired for tonight.” Floef told him as he walked behind his friend’s chair with a huge grin on his face.

“What? Stripper? You never told me anything about a stripper!” Wapourif cried out as the stripper made him feel things usually only Morinas could make him feel. Floef laughed as he placed a hand on Wapourif’s shoulder.

“Well if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise.” He pointed out, “Besides, you don’t think Morinas is having fun with strippers at her own party.”

Ironically, as Floef said this, Morinas was at home dancing with her own strippers the best she could with her pregnant belly. The rest of her friends cheered her on the best they could. Even Rodoreamon had managed to get brave enough to look.

Once the stripper had finished giving Wapourif his lap dance, she climbed onto a table and continued dancing there. All the men went wild. Things soon got really interesting when Anubituf, who had way to much to drink, took off his shirt and climbed on the table with the stripper. Drunkenly, he began dancing with her. Guragief, who was also a bit drunk, watch on in horror. He couldn’t believe his lover would do such a thing right in front of him, drunk or not. Wauf laughed loudly as he wrapped his arm around Guragief’s shoulder.

“T-tough b-bre-eak t-the-ere, bu-uddy.” He said as he took another sip of his beer. He too was also wasted.
When the stripper left, the party soon ended. Many drunken men stumbled home that night. Floef and Vyuraf walked Wapourif home. All three of them were very drunk. They didn’t know why, but it seemed to take them longer to walk back home then it had to walk there in the first place. Both Vyuraf and Wapourif laughed as Floef walked into a pole.
“H-hey, tha-at’s not f-fu-unny.” Floef answered in a slurred voice.

“O-of c-co-ourse i-it i-is...” Vyuraf answered back. He paused as he felt queasy and ran into an ally way to upchuck. The other two men laughed hysterically.

Morinas’s party was just wrapping up. Both strippers had gone home and the girls were tidying up from the party. They all looked into the hallway as they heard the front door opening and watched as Wapourif stumbled in.

“I-I’m h-ho-ome, I-I t-thi-ink...” He stumbled over his words. He took a few steps in and collapsed on the floor.

“D-do I-I li-ive he-ere t-too?” Floef mumbled as he walked through the door behind Wapourif. Vyuraf followed him.

“A-am I-I o-on t-the A-Arcu-us P-Pri-ima a-aga-ain?” He asked as he looked around. All five girls shook their heads.

“They’re drunk.” Rodoreamon pointed out. With a smile, Morinas nodded. She found this rather amusing.

“I was expecting this to happen.” She said, and looked over to her mother who had entered the hallway and gasped loudly at the sight before her. “Hey mom, could you help me take Wapourif upstairs?”

“Sure thing, I wouldn’t want you carrying him by yourself.” She answered and helped her daughter pick the young man off the floor. Alti turned to her sister.

“Think we should help Floef home?” She asked her.

“Yeah, I don’t see him managing to get home by himself in this state.” She answered. She turned back to Morinas, “Thank you for having us over tonight. We had fun.” With that the two sisters grabbed each hand of Floef and led him out the door. Rodoreamon turned to Paraietta.

“Want to help me take Vyuraf home?” She asked. Paraietta nodded.

“Sure thing, See you later, Morinas.” She called out as they left with Vyuraf. With everyone gone, Morinas and her mother carried Wapourif up into Morinas’s room.

To be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:10 pm

It's finally time for the wedding. I'm planning one more chapter after this to wrap everything up.

It was hard to believe, but the day of the wedding had finally arrived. Wapourif didn’t like spending the night away from Morinas, but his family suggested he spend the night before the wedding at home with them so that seeing Morinas at the wedding would be more special for him. It had been a lonely night for him, but he managed to get through it. Now he stood in the men’s preparation room for the wedding on the Arcus Prima. He and Morinas had talked this over and decided to not only have their honeymoon on the Arcus Prima, but the whole darn wedding. He wasn’t telling anyone in the room how nervous he was, but they could easily tell as they watched him pace back and forward. His friend, Halof, walked over to comfort him.

“Calm down, Wapourif.” He told him as he gave his friend a pat on the back, “Everything will go just fine.”

“But what if I croak up there? What if Morinas gets cold feet and leaves me up there?” Wapourif went over everything that could possibly go wrong at a wedding. He just couldn’t stop thinking one of those things would happen to him today. Floef walked over to give his own comfort.

“Will you relax?” He asked, giving the groom a smile, “I’m sure none of those things will happen. We’ve rehearsed this wedding into the ground, I doubt you’ll forget what to say or do. As for Morinas leaving you, well if she did that she’d have a baby to raise on her own.” He did have a point.

“Could I step outside for awhile? I need some air.” Everyone nodded and Wapourif left the room. The rest of the men stood there silently for a few moments, unsure what they should do.

“I’m going to go check on him.” Anubituf finally said. Guragief nodded.

“I’ll come with you.” Both men then left the room to check on their friend.

Meanwhile, Morinas was overjoyed it was finally her wedding day. She happily checked herself over in the mirror one last time, making sure everything was perfect. She was very happy at how nicely her dress fit even though her belly had grown a bit since the previous month. She just had the feeling that nothing could possibly go wrong that day. Her friends were all just as excited as she was.

“I can’t believe that it’s already your wedding day!” Rodoreamon exclaimed, her hands clutched under her chin in excitement, “I bet Wapourif will look very handsome in a tuxedo!” With a grin, Morinas turned to the girl. Even though it was her wedding day, she still couldn’t stop her teasing nature.

“Rodore, you’re not planning on stealing him from me, are you?” She asked. The girl in question blushed deeply as she waved her hands in denial.

“No! I would never do such a thing! I was just complementing you on being able to marry such a handsome man.” All the girls laughed at her explanation.

“Are you jealous there, Rodore?” Kaimu teased. A bright blush on her face, Rodoreamon looked down at the floor.
“You guys...” The girls couldn’t stop laughing and eventually Rodoreamon joined in.

Outside, Wapourif was still having trouble calming down. Anubituf and Guragief watched the groom carefully, just to make sure he didn’t try to leave in a simile before the wedding. It seemed pretty hopeless, when Molinaf walked up to his soon to be brother-in-law.

“What’s gotten you so nervous that you are spending your last moments before the wedding pacing out here?” He asked. Wapourif stopped his pacing and started messing his hair with his hands.

“I just can’t stop worrying that something will go wrong today.” He admitted, calming down a bit. With a smile, Molinaf wrapped his arm around the other man’s shoulder.

“What could go wrong today? You’re marrying my sister. How many other men can say that?” Wapourif’s eyes narrowed as he glared at the other man standing next to him.

“Hopefully none.” He answered coldly.

“That’s exactly my point. Right now you are the luckiest man in all of Daikuuriku. You are the man who will marry my sister, Morinas. Don’t blow this opportunity by worrying about what could possibly go wrong, or who could end up spending the rest of your life wishing you hadn’t, as you live the rest of your life alone.” Wapourif listened intently to Molinaf’s pep talk. He did have a good point. If Wapourif didn’t stop worrying, something would most likely go wrong as a result of his worrying. With a smile on his face, he nodded to his soon to be brother-in-law.

“You’re right, Molinaf. Now is not the time for me to be worrying.” He turned and gave the man a hug. After backing away from the man, he turned back inside. “Now let’s get back inside, I have a wedding to prepare for.” He marched back in, Anubituf and Guragief following him back to the men’s preparation room.

“Wapourif, you back!” Halof said as he rushed over to greet his friend. With a nod to his friend, Wapourif walked over to the mirror.

“So are you ready to get married now?” Floef asked, watching the groom look himself over in the mirror.

“Almost.” Wapourif responded, “Could I have some scissors?”

“What do you need scissors for?” Anubituf asked. He wondered if the groom’s tuxedo had a loose thread that needed to be cut off.

“Will these do?” Floef asked as he handed the groom a rather large pair of scissors. Wapourif looked them over.

“These are perfect.” With those words he took a large lock of his hair in his left hand and chopped it off. The entire room gasped loudly.

“What are you doing?” Guragief asked, walking over to the man as he chopped off another lock of his hair.

“What does it look like? I’m becoming more of a man for my wedding.” Wapourif answered as he continued giving himself a haircut.

“But you already were a man. You don’t need to have short hair to be a man you know.” Anubituf watched in disbelief. He never, ever thought he’d witness Wapourif giving himself a haircut.

“I know, but I’m just using this to symbolise me fully excepting my manhood for my soon to be wife.” He answered, continuing to chop away. Shaking his head, Guragief reached out for the hand Wapourif held the scissors in.

“Fine, but could you at least let me finish cutting your hair? You wouldn’t want to have a bad haircut for your wedding, would you?” With a smile, Wapourif handed the man the scissors he held. Guragief led him over to a chair to sit in and placed a table cloth over the groom’s tuxedo, to prevent it from getting strands of hair on it. With little haste, Guragief finished cutting his hair. It was rather short by the time he was done.

“Do you think Morinas will recognise him when she walks down the aisle?” Floef asked as he got a good view of Wapourif’s new haircut.

“Well he certainly does look different without all that hair, but I’m sure Morinas will have no problem telling it’s him.” Anubituf answered. Wapourif stood up from the chair and walked back over to the mirror, gasping at his reflection.
“Is that me?” He asked, a tear coming to his eye. He couldn’t really believe himself that he had chopped off his hair. What was Morinas going to think when she saw him like this? Guragief walked up behind him and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“You look good with that haircut.” Guragief suddenly started chuckling, “I think that haircut looks better on you then it does on Floef.” At these words, Wapourif turned to Floef, and then looked back in the mirror. He did this a few time. He had to admit, it did look rather similar to Floef’s haircut.

“Wow, it is the same haircut!” Halof commented, after he looked back and forth between the two men for a minute.
“Yes, it makes him look quite handsome.” Anubituf added. He walked over to the stand and picked Wapourif’s pendant up. Turning to the groom, he placed the pendant around his neck. He was now ready for his wedding.

“Well, it’s time for me to get married now.” The groom led his party out of the room and into the chapel. The men made their way to the front, where Yun already stood on the altar. They could have gotten any priestess to perform the wedding, but Morinas had wanted all of her friends who were still alive and in this time to attend their wedding. Since Yun had token over for Onashia five months ago, it was hard to find a good reason for her to leave her post for a while. Luckily for them, performing a wedding was a good reason.

Yun looked over to the men as they joined her up on the altar. “That’s a nice haircut, Wapourif. It looks good on you.” She said. She had missed being able to see her friends since she had taken over as guardian of the Spring. It had made her happy when Morinas had come to her, requesting that she perform hers and Wapourif’s wedding. Marif walked up to Wapourif.

“So, Wapourif, are you ready for this?” He asked, watching as his son-in-law to be nodded in response, “Alright then, I’ll go get the bride.” He left the altar and made his way to the room the girl’s were using to get ready. Smiling, he knocked on the door and didn’t need to wait long for Morinas to open up the door.

“Is Wapourif ready now?” Marif nodded in response to his daughter, “How does he look? Is he handsome?”
“Well, I think you’ll be surprised when you see him.” Marif had no idea why Wapourif had cut his hair, but he had decided not to ask. Besides, that haircut looked rather good on him.

“Hum, did he do something?” Morinas asked, raising her eyebrow. Now she couldn’t wait to see her husband to be as she walked down the aisle.

“Yeah, he did something alright...” Marif trailed off, having no idea how he could go into more detail without spoiling the surprise for his daughter. “So are you ready?”

“Almost.” Morinas walked back into the room and placed her pendant around her neck, “Now I am.” She turned to her friends, “It’s time to get this wedding started.” The group made their way out of the room and lined themselves up outside the chapel doors. Alti was first in line, followed by her sister, then Paraietta, Rodoreamon, and finally Morinas and her father. It wasn’t long before the music started up and the chapel doors opened. Slowly, Alti started walking down the aisle.

Wapourif watched from the front as the former Sibyllae made their way down the aisle. They all looked very good in their dresses, but the one he was interested in seeing was his bride. After Rodoreamon had taken her spot at the altar, he looked up at the door in anticipation. It was finally time for him to lay eyes on his bride.

Slowly, Morinas made her way down the aisle with her father. She looked up to her groom and wondered when he had cut his hair. While she was use to seeing him with long hair, she had to admit that haircut looked good on him. She just had the feeling she had seen that haircut somewhere before, but wasn’t sure where.

Wapourif had to bite back a gasp when he saw his bride being escorted down the aisle by her father. She was absolutely beautiful. He dress was so simple, but it looked perfect on her. It really brought out her laid back attitude in Wapourif’s opinion. Once they were at the altar, Wapourif happily accepted Morinas when her father offered her to him. Once that was done, Marif took his seat beside his wife. The couple stared at each other for what seemed like eternity, until they finally turned to Yun.

“Today, we are here under the watch of Tempus Spatium to marry this loving couple.” Yun began the ceremony. She reached to Wapourif’s pendant, which was too her left, and Morinas’s pendant and raised them up, “We will today witness as these two halves become a whole.” She continued the traditional wedding ceremony of Simulacrum. The entire time, Wapourif could not take his eyes off of his bride. Morinas couldn’t take her eyes off of him either. Finally, Yun turned to Wapourif. “Wapourif, you may now recite your vows to Morinas.”

“Morinas,” Wapourif began, “I have felt a deep attraction to you from the moment I saw you. At first I was too nervous to say anything to you. I believed romance between a mechanic and a Sibylla could never work out and would be shunned by everyone. Then when Sibylla Dominura ordered me to dismantle a Simoun, I gained some courage and snuck into your room and placed a kiss on your lips. The next morning I thought you hated me when you placed my hand on your breast and told me I would never touch you again. I couldn’t be happier when you became a woman for me. Morinas, I swear I will not let your sacrifice for me go to waste. I will honor you every day and make sure you get the job you have always wanted.” Morinas had some tears coming out of her eyes when Wapourif finished. It was really sweat of him to say these things, especially in front of all their friends and family. Yun then turned to Morinas.

“Morinas, you may now recite your vows to Wapourif.” He told the girl. Morinas nodded in response.
“Wapourif,” She began, “although I only thought of you as a friend at first, I can assure you that I deeply cared for you even then. That night when you kissed me, I started to discover that I actually had deep feelings for you and that maybe I didn’t just want to spend my life as a man, tinkering with Simoun by your side, but actually become your wife. I spent the next few months confused, unsure what I should do, but I have absolutely no regrets with my final choice. It is an honor for me to be standing up here with you today as your bride, carrying your baby and wouldn’t have it any other way. Wapourif, I love you and always will.” Wapourif too had tears in his eyes when she finished.

“Under the watch of Tempus Spatium, I now pronounce this couple married.” Yun finished up, “The two of you may now seal your vows with a kiss.” Everyone in the chapel broke into applause as the newlywed couple kissed before them. “Now, let’s all head outside so that this couple may be blessed with traditional wedding ceremonial Ri Maajons.”
Wapourif took Morinas’s arm and led her back down the aisle. Halof followed by taking Rodoreamon’s arm, leading her down the aisle. Anubituf and Paraietta followed, then Guragief and Kaimu, and then finally Floef escorted Alti down the aisle. Yun followed the pairs. Finally the wedding guests filed out, front to back.

Outside, Plumbum priestesses stood ready beside their Simoun. At Yun’s words, they kissed and took off. They preformed all the traditional wedding Ri Maajons of Simulacrum. Morinas and the rest of the former Sibyllae watched with tears in their eyes. It was still saddening that they had been forced to go to the Spring as they had, stripping them of their privilege to fly Simoun. Wapourif, noticing this, pulled his wife into an embrace to comfort her.

“Thank you, Wapourif.” She said as she leaned his head into his chest and continued watching, “I just wish I could still fly a Simoun, even the way I am now.”

After the ceremonial Ri Maajons were finished, the wedding party and the guests made their way to the ballroom for the after party. The wedding party sat at the table at the front of them room. Once all the guests had taken their seat, Wapourif stood up to make the first toast.

“A toast, to my beautiful new wife, Morinas.” He began, “For choosing to be a woman and marry a man like me.” Everyone cheered and took a drink. Smiling, Morinas also stood up.

“And a toast to my wonderful new husband, Wapourif.” She said, placing a kiss on his cheek, “For giving me all his love.” Once again, everyone cheered and took another drink. The other party members made their own toasts. Finally, Watourif stood up.

“I’d like to make an announcement.” He began, “Next year, I plan to retire as president of my company.” Everyone gasped at this news. Morinas was in shock. Did this mean his company would close and she would never get a job? Watourif turned to Wapourif, “Wapourif, my son, would you like to take over my company when I retire?” Shocked, Wapourif turned to his wife, who nodded at him with a smile.

“Sure I would, father.” He answered. Afterwards, dinner was served. Everyone spent the next hour eating and talking amongst themselves. Finally the tables were pushed to the sides and it was time to start the dance. Vyuraf stepped up to the microphone that was set up.

“It is now time for the newlywed couple to share their first dance as husband and wife.” He announced. Wapourif led Morinas to the center of the dance floor and prepared themselves for the dance. Once they were ready, the music started and the couple began their dance. They both turned out to be very good dancers. Once the song ended, the guests burst into applause. When the next song started, other couples started to join the couple on the dance floor. The newlywed couple continued dancing for the next few songs, until they got tired. Wapourif then led his wife back to their table so they could rest.

They talked with each other, when Wauf approached the couple with his own fiancée, Ai, who was showing signs of her own pregnancy. “That was a wonderful wedding you two.” Wauf told them, “Congratulations.”

“Thanks Wauf.” Wapourif responded and turned to Ai, “It’s good to see you again, Ai.” He told her.

“Thanks Wapourif.” Ai told him, rubbing her belly. Morinas smiled at her, being about to connect with her in this way. She had a feeling that in a few months they both would have beautiful babies.

“So, I wanted to tell you that we’re planning to have our own wedding in four months.” Wauf told the couple, “We would like it if the two of you could attend.” The couple nodded at him.

“Sure think, Wauf. It’s be an honor for us.” Wapourif said.

The party continued late into the night. The newlywed couple were the firsts to go to bed, so that they could spend their first night as a married couple making love to each other. This lasted for a good hour and a half. Finally, when they had finished, Wapourif pulled Morinas into his now completely flat chest.

“I love you, Wapourif.” Morinas said as she went to sleep.

“I love you too, Morinas.” Wapourif responded, also going to sleep.

To be continued...

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

Post by The_A_Man on Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:25 pm

Here's the rewrite of the final chapter. I apologize to Sibylla Aaeru for having Wapourif and Morinas flying in a simile designed like a Simoun like she had Aaeru and Neviril do in her story Separate Reality in the original ending to this. I won't do that again.

Anyways here's the final chapter again with a new ending hopefully no one will be offended by.

It had been four months since their wedding. Quite a bit had happened in that time. For one thing, Wapourif had gone into the money he had made during the time he worked on the Arcus Prima and bought a house for his wife and himself to live in. It was a decent sized house just outside of town, with a large yard. Wapourif had wanted their daughter and any future children they had to have a large play area.

With the baby being due any day now, they were fully prepared for her birth. They had a nursery set up with a crib, change table, toys, clothes, dippers, and various other things they would need to raise a baby.

Today however, was the day of Wauf’s and Ai’s wedding. The couple had decided to have their wedding on the Messis. This suited the couple just fine, since everyone, even today, associated Wauf with that ship. Besides, they couldn’t have their wedding in the Arcus Prima even if they wanted to since just two months ago the ship’s helical motor had failed, sending the luxury liner crashing into a lake. No one knew why, but no one was trying to get it out of the lake.

Wapourif and Morinas were currently in their room getting dressed for the wedding. Wapourif was wearing a black tuxedo with a red bow tie. Morinas was wearing the fanciest maternity dress she could find, since she had a hard time finding clothes that fit over her nine months pregnant belly. Once she was dressed she turned to her husband.
“Do you think I look fine in this dress?” She asked him.

“Yes, you look just a beautiful as the day we were married, maybe even more beautiful since you are so close to delivering our first child.” Wapourif answered as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

Morinas smiled up at him, “And you look just as handsome.” She stroked the side of his hair, letting out a small chuckle, “I still can’t believe you chopped off your hair right before the wedding.” Wapourif let out a sigh, being reminded of the incident. During their honeymoon, Morinas had asked him about it so he told her what had happened. She had spent the next couple of weeks having spontaneous bursts of laughter whenever she saw him. Wapourif was beginning to think maybe he shouldn’t have chopped off his hair like he did.

“Are you ever going to stop laughing about that?” He finally asked her.

“I was just teasing you.” She told him, leaning up to kiss him on the ear, “Besides,” she whispered in his ear, “I think you look handsome with short hair.” A blush spread across her husband’s face.

“Really?” He asked nervously.

“Oh yes.” Morinas said, bursting back into laughter. Wapourif had a bad feeling about this. “I never would have guessed Floef’s hairstyle would look so good on you.” She managed to get out.

“Morinas!” Wapourif cried in shock as his wife continued to laughing, “You really shouldn’t laugh like that.” Morinas then managed to get her laughter under control.

“But I heard that laughter could cause the baby to just pop out.” Morinas said with a wicked grin on her face. Wapourif cringed at the thought. The idea of the baby just popping out didn’t sound like a very good thing to him.

“Well, um, I think it’s time for us to get going.” He finally said not only to change the subject, but because they really did need to go.

The Messis was currently docked in town, so it didn’t take them long to arrive. Once there, they were both seated in the section that was reserved for former Sibyllae. Wapourif didn’t know why he was being sat here, but he was glad he got to sit beside his wife, so he wouldn’t complain. All the former members of Chor Tempest and Rubor were already here.

“It’s about time you two arrived.” Floef commented, “What took you so long? Are you two still on your honeymoon period or something?” He started laughing, only to be whacked in the back of the head by Alti who sat beside him.
“Floef, that’s not a very polite thing to ask.” Paraietta scolded him.

“Yes mother.” Floef answered jokingly. Paraietta just sighed and turned back to the front. The men had made their way to the front altar. Beside Wauf stood his one friend who piloted the Messis for him, Anubituf, and Guragief. With them was an ordinary priestess to perform the wedding. It wasn’t long before the music started. Everyone stood and turned to watch the members from Chor Rubor who had remained female walk down the aisle to the altar. It wasn’t long before Ai made her way down the aisle. She looked beautiful in her dress, but in Wapourif’s opinion, Morinas had been more beautiful.

Soon after she was upfront, the priestess began the ceremony, saying the same things Yun had at Wapourif’s and Morinas’s wedding. After a while she finally asked Wauf to recite his vows.

“Ai,” He began, “at first I didn’t know what you could possibly see in a man like me, but over these last few months I now know you see me as a kind man with a big heart. And you are a beautiful young woman. I swear I will love you so much, that our age difference will seem like nothing.” The priestess turned to Ai and asked for her vows.

“Wauf,” She began, “despite the fact that you are old enough to be my father, I still fell in love with you. When I saw you going after the Sibyllae from Chor Tempest to protect them, I couldn’t picture myself with any other man. Wauf, I love you so much.” Wapourif turned to Vyuraf, who had tears in his eyes. This must be so hard for him to watch the girl he once had a crush on declaring her love to another man, much less a man more than twice her age. Wapourif sympathised with him, not knowing what he himself would do if it was Morinas marrying Wauf. He might not be able to go on. Finally the priestess wrapped up the ceremony and it was time to go outside to watch the wedding Ri Maajons. Like usual, the wedding party were first to make their way out, then the guests. Since the former Sibyllae were sat near the front, they didn’t need to wait long.

Outside, on the deck of the Messis, were Simoun with Plumbum priestesses standing ready. Once the priestess who had preformed the wedding gave the order, they kissed and took off. The Ri Maajon they preformed were the same as the Ri Maajon preformed at Wapourif’s and Morinas’s wedding. While not as much as before, the former Sibyllae still got tears in their eyes as they watch. Wapourif pulled his wife into an embrace like he had at their own wedding.
After the Ri Maajons were finished, everyone made their way into the dining hall for dinner. It was a good thing Wauf and Ai didn’t invite many guests, because as it was the room was rather cramped. During the dinner, Wapourif turned to check on Vyuraf.

“So, how are you holding up?” He asked the young man in concern.

“Well, I’m doing better than I thought I would.” He answered back. He turned back to his food and continued eating. Wapourif just hoped what the young man said was true.

Due to lack of room on the Messis, the dance was held up on the deck. Everyone watched as the newlywed couple shared their first dance together. After the first dance was done, Wapourif turned to his wife, offering her hand.

“Morinas, would you care to dance?” He asked her. With a smile, Morinas accepted his hand and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. The two danced slowly. All was going well until Morinas froze. Wapourif watched her in concern. “Morinas, what is it?” He reached out to stop her from falling over as he noticed she was in pain.

“Wapourif, I don’t want to alarm you, but I think I’m in labor.” She told him as calmly as she could. The last thing she wanted was to disturb Wauf’s and Ai’s big day.

“WHAT?!” Wapourif screamed. Everyone turned to the couple and Morinas wanted to shake her head, but was hit hard by a contraction. Wauf and Ai walked over to the couple to check up on them.
“What’s wrong with Morinas, Wapourif?” Wauf asked. In a panic. Wapourif turned to the man.

“Wauf, you got to help me!” He screamed, “Morinas has gone into labor! I have no idea what to do!” Calmly, Wauf walked to one side of Morinas and helped her stand up.

“First off, calm down, Wapourif.” Wauf told him, “Now help me take her to the doctor on board. I’m sure he’ll know what to do.” The young man nodded and helped the older man take his wife to the doctor.

Once they reached the medical room, the doctor stood to greet them. “Yes, how may I help you three?” He asked.
“Doctor, this woman is in labor.” Wauf told the man, “We were wondering if you could deliver the baby.” The doctor nodded and reached into a drawer, pulling out a gown.

“I’ll just need her to change into this.” He told them. Wauf turned to Wapourif.

“Wapourif, will you help her change?” He asked. Wapourif nodded.

“Why wouldn’t I help my wife change when she needs it?” He asked. The doctor then turned to him.

“So does this mean you’ll be staying for the delivery?” He asked. Wapourif nodded, causing the doctor to dig back through the drawer, pulling out another gown. “Then you might was to put this over your suit so it doesn’t get dirty.” Wapourif accepted it as Wauf and the doctor left the room. “Call me when you got her changed.”

Slowly, Wapourif led his wife over to the bed and sat her down. He helped her out of the clothes she was wearing and into the gown the doctor had given him. Once she was wearing that, he helped her lay down on the bed and put on the gown the doctor had told him to put on. Making sure everything was ready; he opened the door and informed the doctor everything was ready.

Walking back into the room, the doctor began explaining the delivery process, “Delivering a baby is a long process. It will most likely be a while before she is ready to deliver the baby.” Just to make sure, the doctor lifted up Morinas’s gown to check. “Oh yeah, it’s going to be awhile.” Wapourif was a bit mad another man had just looked at Morinas like that right in front of him, but figured the doctor did know what he was doing. If Wapourif was to look himself, he would have no idea what he was looking for.

The couple sat in the room for several hours waiting for the baby to be ready for delivery. During that time, they discussed very aspects like what they were going to name their child.

“So what names to you like?” Morinas asked her husband. Wapourif thought for a moment. Thinking up good names was rather hard for him. His thoughts were interrupted as Morinas winced in pain as a hard contraction hit her. The doctor walked back over and checked under her gown.

“It looks like it is finally time to deliver this baby.” He announced. He walked back over to his counter and pulled a pair of gloves out of the glove box he had there. He put them on as he walked back over to Morinas. “Now Morinas, next time you feel a contraction, I want you to push.” He told her as he positioned himself between her legs, ready to catch the baby. It wasn’t long before Morinas started pushing, while screaming in pain as it felt like her pelvic was being ripped in half. Her husband put a comforting hand on top of hers, as she continued to push.

“Keep it up, Morinas, you’re doing great.” He winced as she squeezed his hand tightly, almost cutting off the circulation in it.

“This is all your fault.” She hissed at him, “I’m never letting you touch me again.” Wapourif laughed nervously, not really believing what she was telling him right now. After all, last time she had told him that, she turned out to be lying.

“You’re almost there, Morinas.” The doctor told her, “Just a few more pushes and she should be out.” Using the last bit of her strength, Morinas gave a few more final pushes. Finally the baby was out, filling the room with her cries. After checking her over briefly, the doctor smiled to the couple.

“Congratulations you two, your daughter seems to be completely healthy.” The doctor told them as he handed the small baby to Wapourif, who looked at her with great joy. He couldn’t believe he and Morinas had made such a beautiful baby. He turned to his wife, giving her a good view of their daughter.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” He asked her.

“She is indeed.” Morinas answered him tiredly, “So have you decided what you want to name her?” Wapourif looked back down at his daughter.

“I like the name Nana.” He finally said.

“Nana it is then.” Were Morinas’s final words before she fell asleep. Her husband smiled at her. She deserved some rest after delivering their daughter.

The next day the couple headed home. When they arrived home, Morinas was surprised to find their entire family and all their friends there. Wapourif had called them all that morning and told them to meet them at there. They had locked their door, but since they had given both his parents and Morinas’s parents spare keys, that wasn’t a problem. It didn’t take long for everyone to start cooing over that baby.

“Aw, she’s so cute!” Rodoreamon squealed.

“Yeah, she looks just like Wapourif.” Floef commented, referring to her skin color and dark hair.

“What about me? Don’t you think she looks like me?” Morinas asked pointing at herself. Everyone looked at Nana, then back at Morinas.

“Well she does have your eye color.” Sofia commented.

“But Wapourif and I both have the same eye color.” Morinas complained, “She could have gotten it from either of us.” Wapourif walked over to his wife, pulling her into an embrace.

“Cheer up. So what if she doesn’t look like you. Maybe when she grows up she’ll have your personality and that’s how everyone will know she’s your child.” He told her.

“You’re right, and it would be fun to have a child that took after me.” Morinas said. Wapourif cringed a bit. It was bad enough just having Molinaf around. But he supposed it wouldn’t be so bad if she took more after his wife then him.

“Yeah, and in a way, isn’t that even more rewarding that having her look like you?” Morinas leaned up to place a kiss on his lips.

“I love you, Wapourif and I always will.” She told him.

“Same here.” With that Wapourif leaned back down for another kiss.

The End

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Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story  Empty Re: Fic - A Wapourif and Morinas Wedding Story

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